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My own house

My grandpa has but months to live – they finally gave an actual prognosis to him yesterday. I’m skeptical that he’ll take that long (4-6 months) though I did tell my mother last week my opinion was that if he decided he had the fortitude and will to live I could see him making it 6 months… However, if he gives up he’ll be gone within weeks.

I’m leaving to head back home early tomorrow morning and likely will not be able to come back down again anytime soon, but at least I know I got a chance to come spend a little time with him and grandma before he goes. They both seem at peace with the idea that he’s not long for this Earth anymore… So that’s a comfort at least.

I don’t feel like driving the 19ish hours to get home, but at the same time I am sooooo ready to be home. In my own space, and in my own bed. I’m ready to be with the hubs again instead of cramped up on a twin bed in the corner in a room that has barely room to walk…. and a angled ceiling in which my 5’10 self has hit her head more than once since being here.

I’ve always liked this area… It’s a nice town to live… clean, aesthetically pleasing,  quite a bit to do in the immediate and surrounding areas… But it would be all the better if I actually lived in my own place here. As it is I find it tedious being here staying in a relative’s house. I doubt we’d ever move to this area again anyway… But if we ever do… I’d be spending so much more time in my own house and that would make it all the more enjoyable.


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