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Throwback Thursday: Remembering the ’90s

So I came across this post by The Emma Edit today… and I thought “Hey, it’s a Thursday… and, MAN, do I love the ’90s…” SO, here I am to answer the same questions from her part one and two on this topic.

I know you’re excited.

You’re hiding it well… but I can tell. You can let it out, supressing your feelings is not healthy…

Haha. Well, even if this is not an area of interest to you, I will try to make it as riveting as I can. Hang with me please 😉

What was your favourite Disney film?

A lot of these answers will have a depending on which part of the decade… I was born in 1983 so I went from ages 7-16 in the 1990s. That’s a big range of growth and maturity happening in this time frame!

These title pages are from a book my father compiled of all of our family newsletters that were sent home between 1984 and 2005.

The youngest version of me adored Sleeping Beauty. As I got to be around 11/12 Aladdin came out and I loved that. Ultimately, though, I’d say Hercules was my favourite (animated) Disney film by the time the decade closed out.

I also always enjoyed the old Disney movies such as Pollyanna, The Parent Trap, Pete’s Dragon… And, Oh! My dad and I were very much into the Mighty Ducks Movies…

At Disney Land he and I got our pictures taken in Might Ducks Jerseys and it was printed like a sports magazine cover… My dad must have really liked it since he usually didn’t want to spend money on over priced souvenirs like that LOL He also bought us Mighty Ducks  shirts.

Not sure why dad liked the movies so much, but I’m not gonna pretend that “Charlie” wasn’t a big draw for me 😉

Who was your favourite music artist?

I came out of the 80s with my first CD which was by Tiffany. I got that on my 7th birthday because I loved her so much. I also really enjoyed Kylie Minogue and Donovan at the beginning of the decade. by ’92-’94 I was listening to Green Day and East 17 primarily. ’96ish it was MXPX and Nirvana, though Green Day was also still prominent on my mix tapes till the end of the decade. ’99 I really liked Britney Spears and Ricky when they first came out… Oh, and Soundgarden and Bush made themselves well known in my tape player at some point.

Oh and Going through pictures I found this… I did quite like Ricky Nelson in my preteens:


What were your favourite sweets?

Depended on where I was at. I lived in Mauritius, Australia, the US, and Ethiopia, then the US again within that decade. I moved to Sweden halfway through 1999 – so I’m not gonna think on that too hard lol.

Mauritius – the only thing I recall eating sweets-wise there were Candy Cigarettes.

Australia – Aero bars are still one of my faves there, but I also used to get the fizzy lollipops from the school canteen that I loved. Also Lemon Ices. I also had a love-hate relationship with warheads.

The US – Reeses Pieces and Butterfingers. Also, Dr Pepper. (Which BTW my Dad used to pack Dr Pepper and Butterfingers in our shipments when we moved overseas, so I still had limited supply of those while outside of the US that dad would dole out for special occasions.)

Ethiopia – Ethiopians aren’t dessert eaters. I know I must have had sugary treats on occasion there, but I don’t remember much except the sodas in real glass bottles.

What was your favourite book?

Enid Blyton’s Naughtiest Girl series and, later, Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High.

image from the Enid Blyton Society

 What was your favourite board game?

Oh, shoot. I dunno. I remember playing Monopoly a lot because my mom liked it and would collect editions from every country we went to that she could. Not really a fave of mine. Vaguely recall enjoying Sequence… but probably Scattegories was a main one I liked that we had. We also liked Tip the Cows as a family. I did really like playing Mille Bornes – a classic French card game. I have it now in English, but the one we had when I was a kid was in French if I recall correctly.

What was your favourite McDonalds ‘Happy Meal’ toy?

The beanie babies. I didn’t care much for any other ones in the ’90s specifically. They did the beanie babies a couple of time through the ’90s. in ’99 I got a Jaybird that I gave to Justin as a remembrance when I moved to Sweden, because I used to call him “Jay.”

 What was your favourite clothing store?

Debs, primarily, and Maurices. I shopped at department stores like The Bon Ton and JC Penney etc too. But I preferred the teen centered stores like Debs and Maurices. (I was excited btw to see Maurices is still in business here in WI when I got here… but it has morphed into a very different store than it was in the ’90s… geared more towards women than teens. No boy stuff anymore either.) Side note: I adored Wyatt’s cologne and there were a few occasions where I sprayed the tester on me while in Maurices… That’s where he got his from 😛 Ugh, I was such a Teenager… LOL

Also, Claires/Icing y’all… a must after getting an outfit at Debs 😉

What did you use to do at the weekend?

Depended. Usually hanging with friends in some capacity. Friday nights were often for youth group and Sunday mornings for Church. Lots of sleepovers with girlfriends. Riding bikes, going to the mall or movies – especially with boyfriends.

 What was your favourite TV show?

Degrassi High, Rugrats, All That, Avonlea the series, Star Trek TNG, Ummm… I dunno there were quite a few things I liked to watch throughout the decade. Veggie Tales came out the second half of the decade and I thought they were hilarious… Clearly my tastes were all over the place.

What show would you watch after school?

In the Australian desert there were only two channels at the time… Usually it was Degrassi High Reruns or Rugrats right after school. Sometimes we’d (my sisters and I) would watch our LASERDISCS of Tailspin, Ducktales, or The Little Mermaid series.

Yes. We had the epitome of the ’90s technology: a Laser Disc Player. Which, btw, included the entire collection of Star Trek TNG episodes.

In Ethiopia, we also had very few channels. We had Indian MTV like, 5 times. Cartoon Network, CNN, and later at night Cartoon Network I think it was turned into TCM. So… whatever was on Cartoon Network if I really wanted to watch TV. I don’t recall doing that often though.

Later, back in the US, I don’t recall watching TV directly after school as often. Mostly watched things like Snick and Nick-at-Night.

Did you own a virtual pet?

For about 10 seconds. I had a Tamagotchi – I think someone gave it to me for Christmas or something. I was bored with it within a day or two. It died and I was like… Oh well.

What was your favourite Nickelodeon show?

All That, Rugrats, Pete and Pete, Clarissa Explains it All, Kenan and Kel, Salute your Shorts… Occasionally Are You Afraid of The Dark? and Rocko’s Modern Life.

What was your favourite video game and system to play on?

I didn’t have a gaming system as a kid. I occasionally played arcade games like Street Fighter and Mortal Combat. Otherwise on the computer I LOVED You don’t know Jack.

The only other things I “played” otherwise was Reading Rabbit and whatever the Math Rabbit game was called, as well as a Mario typing game… Because my parents made me when I was younger. They weren’t the worst to play, but wouldn’t have picked them on my own 😛

What was your weirdest fashion trend?

Pssh. Whatevs. I’ve never worn anything weird… Haha! But as far as some of my CLASSIC ’90s items I had: Early ’90s I had a teal and fuchsia shirt/short set that literally made you feel like your eyes were going wonky. Especially if you looked at it in daylight.

I had a “Whatever” Ball Cap, Airwalks, Orange Vans, Blue Vans, Hemp Necklaces, a Lime Green fitted tee that had a plastic Cola bottle on it with real liquid inside (I was soooo pissed off when it broke in the wash eventually and the liquid drained. Can kind of see the shirt in two of the pictures below.) Homemade bellbottoms (made out of old jeans, painted with fabric paint, and eventually the extra fabric taken out and replaced by nylon string to lace it up… I actually found those at my mom’s in December… They are thankfully back in her attic. NOT PICTURED – I would burn the evidence if I had it LOL)

I wore denim with bleached designs, I wore skater clothes with chains on my wallet, I wore a bright pink and teal Swatch watch, then a Winnie the Pooh watch with little bees as the second hand… Until I graduated to my more grown up Marvin the martian watch.

I wore holographic short surf shorts (maybe you can kind of see in top left pic), white denim daisy dukes… Uncomfortably short baby doll summer dresses (not pictured). As you can see… I also wore Fanny packs on occasion. To be fair… we were a family that travelled a lot. But Who am I kidding? I would totally rock a fanny pack again if I had one… Especially if I could find a cute one…

I will let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves… I wouldn’t say that I was a slave to fashion… but I clearly, very clearly, went along with current trends for the most part. Also, I’d like to point out my super skinny ’90s camera and my obvious fashion sense in the picture that I have zinc on my nose. You are ever so welcome.

What was your favourite toy?

Oh dang… that’s a hard question. Most of the toys I remember were from the ’80s. I did still like my Barbies at the beginning of the ’90s. Ummm… I had a stuffed Alien and Winnie the Pooh I got from one of my boyfriends I liked, and a matching Tigger from my Grandma. By the time I was a teen, though, most of my “toys” were more display items rather than play items… Like I collected Fairy paraphernalia etc and the stuffed animals I still had or received went on my bed or a shelf, but weren’t actually played with.


Question: What is your fondest memory from the 90’s?

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