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Sunday Night Blues

I read some advice recently; somewhere in the vast expanse of the web, that said something to the effect of “Don’t settle for a job that gives you the Sunday night blues.”

Those of you that may work seven days a week and think to yourself “What does Sunday night have to do with anything?” I’ll explain: assuming that the majority of the population works Monday through Friday jobs, the Sunday night blues refer to the often overwhelming feeling that your weekend is over and… UGH… You have to return to work in the morning.

Of course most of us are a little sad to say goodbye to our weekends or vacations… Because who in their right mind wouldn’t want to sleep all day or, hell, do whatever the fuck we want when we want to do it? Having the Sunday night blues; however, is something else entirely. It’s the dread of returning to work because your workplace, your coworkers, or the work itself, makes you feel like your soul is dying.

I won’t lie, I’ve had a handful of those types of jobs in the past. I’m sure just about everybody has at least at some point in their lives. Some people don’t have much of a choice and have to take what they can get just to get by. Maybe you can’t not settle for a soul sucking job at the moment.

The thing is, though, I’m a firm believer that most anyone can change their lives. You may not have the immediate satisfaction to be able to dump the worst parts as soon as you feel the dementors coming. Yet, you can choose to keep your head above water. You can choose to focus on being the better person, on adjusting your attitude, and taking the steps you need to take to get out of the situation as soon as you can. Don’t think that it won’t take hard work, don’t stop just because it takes a long time or obstacles keep popping up.

They say that the main reason people quit their jobs is because of horrible bosses. I won’t dispute that, I know it’s often true… But there have also been several jobs in my life that I actually really liked my boss(es), but it was another coworker or more that ruined the experience. That made daily working life a hell.

Often these are women… I won’t pretend that men aren’t ever offenders in the workforce, but in my case, the majority of these people (or the worst of them anyway) have been bitchy, insecure, two-faced women.

As a side note, I have decided that will be the basis of my next series of posts – telling you some of the horrible coworker/job stories I’ve had in the past. For now; however, I will just say a recent job of mine gave me the Sunday night blues. I’d have a week or more off, and two or three days before having to go back I would start feeling the dread that it was approaching again. I kept my attitude up, but this place was wrought with negativity from all sides. My bosses were awesome… Yet almost everyone else in the establishment were/are just so negative all the time. It’s hard to keep your spirits up in such an environment, especially when it’s a physically demanding role.

I always tried to keep focusing on my end goals and ignore the negativity. I was pleasant to all my coworkers – I tend to be the kind that lets things like negativity or snarky comments slide and be nice anyway and/or spin things in a more positive light (I also tend to point out the whole picture they are conveniently ignoring) so those being especially negative either feel foolish or eventually stop talking that way around me.

Even so, I had those blues and already had one foot out the door when I found out I was being talked about negatively behind my back. Talked about by someone I was always pleasant to… It honestly didn’t surprise me, as I had heard her say snarky sly comments about others behind their backs and a couple times she’d say something judgy to me that was thinly veiled (as if anyone with a brain wouldn’t realise her intent.)

When I found this out, it just made me feel… tired. Tired of the pettiness, tired of the negativity… and slightly paranoid that others would be in on it – it wouldn’t surprise me. If you hate your life so much that you must pass it on to others like this… Just… change your freaking life. Go back to school to get a higher degree/better paying job (in this instance the company would actually pay for your schooling, so there’d be no financial excuse…), in this case as well it’s a relatively standard (lower end) wage so you could work different industries if you dislike the work itself… or… OR you could adjust your attitude and just be freaking KIND hearted and tolerant of your coworkers.

As someone who has clearly struggled with her depression, I know it can seem trite and difficult when I say “focus on the positive.” Trust me, though, it does help. It may not work everyday. Some days will feel like a clusterfuck – that’s just life – yet making the choice not to join in in the negativity and making the choice to be nice to people makes your life easier and better for YOU.

Of course, you all know me by now… You know with my MMA and my ability to breathe fire, I would never tell you to let someone walk all over you. I’ve had enough of that shit in my life to have learned better. When it matters, stand up for yourself. Be the cool headed, mature, person in the situation. Let them look like the immature fool. Otherwise, show them that regardless they are the immature fool by not giving in to their hatefulness. Don’t let it affect you – or if you can’t help it and it does, don’t let them know it affects you.

When the times comes, move on to bigger and better things. Leave them behind to stew in their juices.

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