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Sunday Night Blues; the second edition

I took my own advice yesterday and marched into my boss’ office after my shift and informed her I would not be returning this morning.

I had originally gave her a month’s notice which would have had my last shift be this coming Monday… but I was convinced to stay on as casual after that date. Truth is, I felt a little guilty because I liked my boss …I  just hated the job.  More specifically I hated the negative/toxic culture that came with working with the lower level staff. More accurately, a handful of said staff.

I had the Sunday Night Blues terribly already with this job, though I tried to stay positive. I thought staying on as casual would make me feel less guilty about leaving my boss and the scheduler, of whom I both like.

Yesterday was a particularly rough and busy day… that in itself didn’t bother me, but I had a couple of bitchy staff members get snarky with me and then try to cover their ass by lying to my boss. I also found out that previous lies had been told to my boss in attempts to make me look incompetent and inefficient.  I set that record straight as soon as my boss said something to me.

I’m regretting now that I didn’t tell the first bitch off in the moment when she got snarky with me while I was helping her…. I was helping her, though she hadn’t even attempted to help me all day and I was extremely busy. I digress, however. I ignored her and walked away instead because I was not yet planning to make that day my last day.

I did call out the other one though, that I knew had lied that very day to my boss. She tried to lecture me at the end of my shift when I handed over to her and asked her to relay certain pertinent information when the next shift came. I promptly informed her I didn’t ask for her opinion, I was just asking her to pass along the information. I then got my things and left.

By the time I reached my car, my anger and frustration was at such a high level… I called my husband and while talking to him made the decision that this was enough.

I am a pleasant person, I have had multiple people tell me I am a calming influence… I try to be kind and I reserve judgement when I hear negative things about others until I meet them myself… I never did anything to these people. The one main bitch in particular… it honestly didn’t surprise me when I found out she was negative behind my back, because she does it to EVERYBODY.

But still.

I personally don’t need to work. I told my boss that from the beginning. I don’t NEED that job, I was doing it because I WANTED to. I wanted to help people. I am lucky to be in the position that I can walk. If I needed the paycheck, believe me,  HR would be involved right now.

As it stands, I am too old for mean girl bullshit. I have learned long ago that my mental health and wellbeing aren’t worth playing or putting up with those games.

I don’t need to add to my struggles with my depressive issues. Life is too short to work a job that left me feeling the way I was feeling as I clocked out yesterday afternoon.

I feel so much better today knowing that I don’t have to go back to that environment again. I also told my boss exactly why I was leaving and named the necessary names. I also told her who was awesome in my opinion, who actually had been wonderful to work with – including herself.

She was extremely apologetic and understanding. I hope they actually do follow through and deal with the issues… or they’ll be losing plenty more good staff who don’t like the toxic environment either.

Then, my hubby took me out for dinner last night and we decided on an impromptu trip to a Rennaisance Faire now that I have the three day weekend along with the rest of my family. Yay! I literally haven’t been to one since 1997 or so… 20 years ago! When I went with Wyatt and I got this:

I’m excited, I’ve long wanted to go back to one and now I can create some new Renn Faire memories with hubby (and the kids.) I threw together a quick outfit for me and my daughter… The boys are party poopers lol. Don’t worry, pictures will come as soon as I can after we go tomorrow… and yes, a corset is involved 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sunday Night Blues; the second edition”

  1. Glad you got out of that toxic environment. Definitely beneficial that you didn’t need the job and could just walk out on a whim; however, it’s a raw deal when there’s some inconsiderate twat has to ruin the experience. I’ll never understand why people feel the need to be like that. I experienced so many arseholes out to ruin people’s days whilst I was at the airport and it never ceased to amaze me. What was lacking in their life to make them so warped and bitter?

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      1. You would think. But there are so many people, to quote Walter Scott, concentered all in self that they just don’t give a damn whether a person likes or respects them. As long as their ego is satisfied to hell with everyone else. Yet they’ll be the first to let you know if you do something that even remotely upsets them.

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