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Ren Faire – 20 years later!

Finally, FINALLY! I got to go back to a Ren Faire! As I mentioned yesterday, my husband and I made last minute plans to travel to a Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, WI this weekend after my weekend suddenly cleared up.

We went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire first thing today after traveling down yesterday and finding a hotel… about 30 minutes away. We were unaware that not only was the final weekend of the Season happening, there was also the State Fair happening this Labor Day weekend, so the town was packed and there were no rooms available within Kenosha.

With more planning time we could have pre-booked for a cheaper room, and had more time to put together costumes for me and my daughter, but luckily I already have some stuff on hand that I was able to fit in quite nicely. Also, one of the food vendors I saw had the same corset as me… so… You know, I felt all official and shit LOL

You may recognize the dress as the one I used for my Sansa Halloween Costume:

The corset was just one of my seven or eight corsets I already have on hand… Now there’s something you all probably didn’t know about me… Fun Fact! Emma collects corsets! LOL Which, by the way, Jason wanted to let me look around one of the corset shops… But they ranged from $170-$250 there and I just couldn’t bring myself to wanting to spend that kind of money.

The only thing I asked for was a new fairy dust jug, which Jason readily agreed to buying me… This one is not clear, so you can’t see the pink, blue, and purple glittery sand that is inside… But I think it is beautiful 🙂

Please read my Ren Faire Memory post if you need to catch up on the significance of the fairy dust jug.

Speaking of Ren Faire trinkets, Jason also bought me two other items as surprises, in my favorite color:

A steel rose that actually smells like a rose (has a tablet in the middle that you can drop rose oil onto), and a Huzzah! flag …My Hubby spoils me 🙂

Anyway, we had a fun day… The kids loved it, of course they got spoiled… and I think husband I will have to go another year sans children, so we can do all the things we would really want to do and be able to do the more adult things in general. Regardless, I enjoyed the day …We watched some jousting and a couple of kid’s shows, saw a real life unicorn (well… My daughter was very impressed at least haha), watched the parade for the queen’s arrival… among other things. I personally just love watching the people at these kinds of events.

Unfortunately hubs did not get himself the one thing he had kept saying he wanted – one of the giant turkey legs. They had them there, but Jason couldn’t bring himself to pay $10 ($10!!!) for one after all the money he had already spent on the kids today, let alone the more expensive than planned hotel, etc. I wish he had at least done that for himself… But I told him at Thanksgiving I’ll save both turkey legs for him LOL

Anyway, I am home now… and worn out…. So I just leave you with a few random other pictures from the day.

13 thoughts on “Ren Faire – 20 years later!”

  1. That’s excellent that you were able to put together a costume last minute with your corset collection. I guess they have these all over the country I wonder if there are any very notable ones bigger than my starter event haha. Oh also kind of random off topic question but I will be visiting a friend in Wisconsin in November and we are trying to come up with ideas of things to do do you know of any good events to add to the list to check out? We will be closer to Minnesota side.

    – Hanna

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    1. I’m in the Northeast, so I’m not too sure what’s over there. Depending on exactly when you come I know there’s a big RenFair just over in MN that will be having an Oktoberfest celebration some of my friends are going to… not sure if it spills over into Nov though. If I think of anything in particular I’ll respond again 🙂 And yup I think most states have a Renfair. The one I went to 20 years ago was in VA, and one of my besties used to work at one in MD… Had friends when I lived in TN go to one nearby….

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