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That Got The Writer In Me Thinking

I’m supposed to be doing homework, and housework, and hey – writing! But instead I am sitting watching too many episodes of That 70s Show on Netflix. I’ve had this blog post open to edit for a couple of hours, but only just started… Geez I’m lazy today. I’ll blame it on the heat, as it is much to hot to be considered the 3rd day of Autumn in Northeast Wisconsin…. and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but I don’t have air conditioning in my house. Ugh. It’s not too terrible, I suppose, as long as I’m not being particularly active. I just want to snooze in my recliner in front of the TV in the basement.

But I got things to do that can’t wait for when it’s supposed to get cooler on Wednesday.

It’s hard to focus – see a whole ‘nother episode just flew by…

Anyway, I did want to update you all on my projects… that I should be working on right now… My children’s novel I haven’t gotten much further with, but I did get two rejections from publishing houses. One stated it was because they don’t publish fiction at all, and the other didn’t give me a reason. Siiiigh… I still need to make more submission packets to send out to the publishing houses on my list. I’m hoping to get the time in the next three weeks or so we’ll see how that goes. I have also started on an entirely new project this past weekend.

I’m helping revamp the library in my church, so on Saturday I went to a semi-annual conference of Librarians for our synod with one of the other ladies that is also working on it with me. At said conference, I met someone that made a comment about how it’s a shame there are really no female writers in our Synod that write books for women, and that we have to rely on other denomination’s publications that may not always align with our beliefs.

So that got the writer in me thinking, naturally. I did some brainstorming that evening and Sunday morning, and then spoke to my pastor about it. Pastor has agreed to help me edit when the time comes, to make sure it is a book that can be advertised as in align with the synod. Mentioned it to Dane and he said I should go for it and I could get help from “people smarter than” me… Wait, what? LOL I knew what he meant, but had he been present I may have just punched him in the arm or something. Yesterday I started writing and got a prologue and a chapter and a half or so written. Productive weekend!

Now, I’m sitting all afternoon eating cookies, drinking milk, and watching TV… oh what a difference a day makes, haha.



3 thoughts on “That Got The Writer In Me Thinking”

    1. That’s what I tell myself, I never expected to get an offer on the first try… but yeah it still sucked. I hope this new project works out, I think there is a good chance of it being seriously considered by the publishing house that is in fellowship with our church because of the fact that it’ll hopefully fill that void


      1. Yeah, it definitely sounds like a much more solid bet. Definitely hoping for the best for you there 🙂

        I know how it’ll feel when Revenge gets rejected, but I’m hoping the fact I KNOW it’ll definitely get rejected eases the blow.

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