Vila i Frid, Grandpa

My grandpa died this past week. Yup, that’s what’s up with me. He passed in the early hours on Tuesday, Oct 5th.

I was notified the evening before that the hospice personnel was of the opinion that he was actively dying, so it wasn’t a shock when my mum called me at 2 or so in the morning to tell me he was gone.

I cried on and off that night and day, but overall it has been easy enough to deal with – owing to the fact that I’ve been preparing for his death since June. It was difficult; however, to hear my grandma tear up while she was talking to my daughter today – who had expressed that she was sad he was gone and she couldn’t see him again, but glad he’d be in Heaven.

Anyway, I don’t feel much like talking about it anymore. Just thought I’d update the blog since I mentioned his illness earlier in the year.

Vila i frid, morfar Ericson.

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