Things to do besides sleep and veg

Where to start? I feel busy AF right now… I suppose if you consider the laying around in my recliner and sleeping in I’ve done the past few days I technically can’t say I ACTUALLY AM busy… but ya know… Whatevs.

Regardless, a fair bit has been going on – leading again to my inconsistent posting.

First of all, apologies for not really following through with the Domestic Assault posts for DVA month. I didn’t get enough insight/details into some of my other friend’s experiences in order to properly present them. Aaaand… well, been too focused on other things to write much more on Wyatt/David personally. In any case, I’ll try to get one more out before the end of the month.

In other news, I got an offer of contract for my Zarah manuscript… sooo… Yay! The only issue is that I’m not sure accepting this contract is in my best interest at the moment. It’s awesome because the lady that lady that offered the contract worked as an Editor for a big publishing company for 13 years – she’s edited books for Tom Clancy, Stephen King, Norah Roberts, Marion Zimmer Bradley… Then she went freelance and after 6ish years she started a small publishing company.

The feeling I get is that while she has a lot of experience and insight – and even some really good contacts – the publishing house is a bit too small, and the marketing a little too local. I dunno… I haven’t heard of any of the books that they’ve published, not even in passing, and I’m local… I dunno that it’s really all that better than self publishing and possibly paying for my own marketing.

It has renewed my motivation to finish off the story by the end of the year and start a renewed effort to submitting to larger more established publishing houses.

She also suggested it should be made into a series of 3-5 books… so I guess I need to get brainstorming for additional story lines LOL

I’ve been taking a Bio-Chem class this semester (have I mentioned that before?) and working here and there at my two jobs… I also have started to get sick… my head is pounding and I’m hacking up a lung as I write this, so… I’m gonna go. I gotto take some ibuprofen or something and then get to Russian class… See? I do have things to do besides sleep and veg in my chair 😛

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