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Merry Christmas Karl-Bertil

Ever wonder about who or what may have influenced your point of view/ideologies without you realizing it? Ever come across a piece of music or a video clip as an adult that you used to listen to/watch as a child – the themes likely going over your head at the time, but now, as an adult you recognize it for what it is… And realize that must be where you got certain ideas or beliefs?

It’s happened to me multiple times, some as simple as a conversation within a movie that I had all but forgotten. A point of view I vehemently defended, Svea agreeing with me – though no one else did. Only to rewatch a movie days later that she and I used to watch all the time and realize the same argument is made within said movie. Ahhhh… Svea… That’s where we came upon this idea. Kevin Smith, that sneaky bastard, getting in our heads.

This morning I was discussing this with a friend. I was telling her about how I used to watch Sagan Om Karl-Bertil Jonssons Julafton (The tale of Karl-Bertil Jonsson’s Christmas Eve). It’s a cartoon that was made in the 70s – if I remember correctly. I had watched it every single Christmas since I was two or three years old. Karl-Bertil and Muppet’s Christmas Carol – that means Christmas in my house.

As a teenager, my father also bought me the book, so that graces my shelves as well.

When I watch it now though, I recognize some clear cultural and political undertones. Things I wouldn’t have noticed as a small child… It is a clear representation of Swedish ideals of taking care of the poor of society, sharing the wealth etc. It praises the actions of a teen boy who takes from the rich and gives to the poor – though his father is angry when he finds out, all the rich he apologizes to praise him for being a selfless boy.

I also noticed today, his attitude is much as mine has always been in which you own up to your own actions even if it was something wrong. I mean, I can’t say I’ve always told on myself every time I did wrong over the years… But I’m the type to, say, if I’m at work and something goes wrong to be all “Um, I totally fucked up…” right away.

Anyway, as it is the Christmas season, and Saint Lucia’s day as well, I thought I’d share with you this video to mark the festive season. I found a copy online that has the English Subtitles (they are slightly out of whack – subtitles often showing before the character speaks, and overlapping other character’s moving mouths lol… but you’ll get the point 😉 )

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