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It was good to hear him laugh

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I hope. Apologies that I’ve been MIA somewhat again. I started a new position in which I am training Full Time at a facility that’s an hour away from my home at the moment. Will continue to do so for another two or three weeks before going to the actual location I’ll be working which is only a 30 minute drive from my house.

I’m really enjoying it so far so yay! Glad to be back in a more clinical setting 🙂 It’s where I feel more comfortable.

Anyway, the real reason I got on here was to update that I spoke to Dane today. He accompanied me, via phone, on my hour long drive towards work today. Though we didn’t speak for nearly that long – my sister was subjected to my prattling for a much larger chunk of that time Haha.

I hadn’t talked to Dane since saying I had to step away from the friendship for awhile…. Which was, gosh, back in late November. Feels like ages ago already…. Regardless, we had a nice talk. Updated each other on our lives etc etc It was good to talk to him… It was good to hear him laugh.

Gave me a spark of hope. Though, in all honesty, it’ll likely be a few months before we really talk like that again. Who knows… Maybe I should be more optimistic than that. I can’t feign to pretend that he doesn’t still have his issues just because he was happy to hear from me today and burst into laughter at one point. Yet, maybe there is reason enough to hold onto some hope again.

In other news, I’m tired, LOL. It’s past midnight now… Got home just prior to midnight and I’ll have to be up early in the AM…. and work one more evening shift tomorrow before I have my birthday off on Wednesday! Woo! 35 Bitches! Maybe I’ll have enough energy then to write another post… A better, less tired-rambly one… Here’s hoping 😛

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