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Green Tea FTW!

Did I say this wouldn’t become a weight-loss blog? I may have lied… Because OMG you guys, I’ve got diet stuff to talk about again. Haha… I swear at some point I’ll change topic again… Let’s just consider this a “weight-loss series” in the meantime… Like I totally meant to do this.

So last time I showed you this:

29432547_10156604485598690_4255389335576117248_nThis was my recording of my first weight in my phone – my period tracker app, because, hey why bother with another app if this one can do everything I need, right? Anyway, I just got to update it this morning an …Eeeeeeeeee!

29550098_10156613473228690_1629122852_nThat’s right, ladies and gentlemen, 15 lbs down already. At first when I saw this number, I reset the scale and tried again… twice. Just to be sure. Then I thought maybe I misread the scale before, maybe it had actually been at 260?? But I also realized that I did weigh myself several times in the first three days and I recorded all around 269-270 so I doubt I’d make that mistake repeatedly.

15 lbs (of obviously water weight) is not entirely unheard of for me to lose in a week. Well, it’s never been quite that much – especially not as the years have progressed. But when I was a teen and in my early twenties I would often lose 10-11 lbs in the first week of a diet change. Like when I quit soda for awhile (I had done so good being off of soda for, like, 6 months when I was 22 or so) I dropped 11 lbs in just less than a week.

But little changes like that have not seen me losing more than 2-5 lbs of water weight in the past decade of trying. The only thing I can assume at this point is that I’ve made some major changes and it was what I really needed at this point in my life to really kick start my metabolism again.

Since this has so far been more successful for me, I thought I’d highlight some of the things that have made it easier to stick with and focus on this week.

  1. Focusing on what I CAN eat instead of what I CAN’T (i.e not depriving myself)

It’s so hard for me to think about what I want to eat and keep away from it. I tend to obsess about a craving until I fill it. This causes overeating, usually, plus giving in to eating food that’s not healthy for me way too often. I also tend to rationalize it’s ok to drink this cherry coke because I’m on my period. I’ll stop drinking Dr Pepper again when I get off my period. But chocolate and caffeine helps my cramps feel better…

So this week I have been trying to focus on what CAN I eat when I’m feeling hungry? For instance I wanted battered fish earlier this week. I assured myself I’d make that for dinner, but then focused on what I was allowed to have as a snack – so I ate my fruit instead. I then didn’t obsess about the fish because I knew it was coming later… and it also made it much easier to eat a smaller portion that night. This has also worked with sweets so far – I allowed myself a small piece of brownie during my Thursday evening Russian class – because I knew I had eaten well all day. I had also filled up on fruit and a small dinner shortly before coming, so it was easier to, again, not overeat sweets. The few I’ve had through the week have been one-offs… One Hershey’s kiss, one Rolo… etc

2. Easy Preparation

One thing that makes those Women’s Magazine diets not work for me is all the prep work and planning. They tend to give you a strict guideline and specific menus with maybe just the possibility to change up a couple options here and there… Often there is one or two main ingredients that I am not a fan of and I just know I wouldn’t be able to stick with it long term. There is often a soup/broth/smoothie that you are supposed to eat/drink 2-3 times a day among the other specified meals. Ugh, that sounds like so much work and doesn’t leave any room for wanting something different, or what your family might want (making two separate meals is a likelihood in some cases… uuuggghhh more work!)

With the eating of mostly fresh fruits and veggies, there is very little extra prep time. I don’t worry about a specific shopping list – I just buy what I like, what looks good in the store at the time… what’s on sale 🙂 along with my other basic normal shopping. I also only chop my veggies as needed. I then can easily grab my oranges, bananas, apples… whatever on the way out the door in the AM.

I had also read that eggs are great for breakfast because they are packed full of protein, and also very filling. So, on mornings that I don’t have a lot of time, I’ll grab hardboiled eggs. Otherwise I’ve been having fun experimenting with veggie omelets/scrambled eggs this week (let’s be honest, they all start as omelets – but sometimes end up scrambled 😛 ). Two eggs with a little milk, poured over sautéed… Asparagus, onion, mushrooms, etc. A little bit of cheese. So much more filling than I expected!

This morning I put asparagus, ham, mushroom, and cheese. Then made a very simple bruschetta on the side – sweet cherry tomatoes with basil and olive oil. (Side note: I’ve been avoiding excess salt as well – not to say I don’t have any during the day… but I have been not adding it to my omelets.)

29138572_10156613473083690_652889515_nIt turned out super yummy and super filling.

For another yummy quick snack I’ve been wrapping ham around fresh asparagus. (Clearly I like asparagus… but if you don’t: wrapping a slice of ham or cheese can be done easily around just about any veggie you fancy…)


Like so… 3-4 of these are super satisfying when I want something a little more savory during the day 🙂

3. Green Tea!

I mentioned the Green Tea thing in my last post, so I’ll keep it short here. I’ve been drinking mostly Green Tea. Water is the only other liquid. I try to drink as much as I can throughout the day – flush the junk out of my system, keep hydrated and all that. It has made it easier having different flavors of fresh brewed (I’m staying away from the bottled kind to avoid the extra preservatives and sweeteners) Green Teas. I’ve switched it up each day – mint one day, jasmine the next… Today it’s a pomegranate/ strawberry/ raspberry blend. Saw this at the grocery store and decided I had to give it a try…

29549950_10156613626103690_696427510_nPretty good… But I still think Jasmine is my favorite


Also, I always knew Green Tea was great for boosting metabolism, but I also read last night it is great for reducing joint pain (my knees are thanking me), and warding off cancers. Green Tea FTW!

4. Support of your family

Though I’ve been doing well not overindulging in sugars this week, I totally gathered up all the candy in the house and gave to my husband to hide from me last night. Just in case. He is also totally on board with changing the family’s eating habits in general. Luckily my kids are already pretty good about eating fruit as their snacks… But I told him for now I’m not changing dinner time more than me just changing my portion and maybe adding extra veggie to my plate. We’ve got plenty of foods already in the freezer etc that need eating up anyway. We’ve had the talk though and later down the road we will be introducing changes into everyone’s diet. Buying less pre-prepped foods over all, more veggies at dinner, less oily foods… whatever. It’s good to have him on board. He has been very supportive of whatever I need to do to make myself healthier and feel better about myself.

Looking Forward

Now that I’ve rid myself of all this water weight, next comes the fat-fighting! Obviously this will be tougher and I doubt I’ll have much more quick results.

One other thing about this diet is that I have naturally lessened my intake of refined sugars, breads/breading, and gluten (a doc advised me years ago to cut out gluten as he thought I was gluten-sensitive and it would help me lose my belly weight). It’s not all completely gone as yet, but I plan to get stricter about that part later. Regardless, just having a bit of these things in the evenings here and there is soooooo much less than when I was eating whatever whenever. For instance; I used to have bread at every meal – now I’ve had it maybe three times in the past six days.

My plan is to do exactly what I’m doing for a month-6 weeks. This way I will hopefully make it more of a habit and make it so I think less about reaching for a piece of fruit instead of candy or bread. Then I will slowly introduce new things to the plan. Make it more formal – no refined sugars at all, phase out gluten completely… that kind of thing. I hope one day to get to a point that I just don’t want these things – that refined sugars taste too sweet to me, etc. I think I can get there too… It’s already not a craving I’m getting very often the past few days – and when I get it, it’s much less intense.

So wish me luck! If anyone has any (easy!) tips for me, feel free to offer the advice! And of course, feel free to take some of my tips if you think they may work for you. Of course, I am not a registered dietitian in any way shape or form. So naturally, this is my opinion and any changes to your own diet should be discussed with your own doctor. 




19 thoughts on “Green Tea FTW!”

  1. I am struggling to lose at all, i am eating around 1000 to 1300 calories I average 1100 a day in a week. Since christmas day I have lost seven pounds only. A medical condition which means I must eat drink and sleep dairy probably isn’t helping but I can’t alter that. No bread and Potatoes only once a week no added sugar no red meat and walking my ass off is the way I am going. I have 40 lb to loose.Mmedically I cant change the excersise or do more than 20 miles a week walking which I am doing. So to read your post where you are doing great! Is lovely. Keep going because when people say it is tougher the older you are they are right.

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    1. I’ve definitely had the similar struggles too and I fully expect tgat I will now plateau or lose muuuuch more slowly as I hack away at the fat! I bet the having to eat dairy has affected it. I realized last night that I have had hardly any milk/cream this week except small amounts in my omelets or the odd bowl of cereal… which is a LOT less than I am used to eating/drinking. I have 100-120 lbs to lose, so I still have quite a way to go!


      1. If good thoughts could melt those pounds away you’d be a size 12 by now and that’s only my vibes. I have to drink milky tea with everything i am skipping the cream and cheese as much as possible but if I could cut the milk I would probably drop the lot. Hey ho at least it is slowwwwwly going down 😉😇

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  2. Nice job!! I am *trying* to lose weight as well. I’m doing a really shitty job at it. The only plus is that I was just weighed at my gyno’s office and I haven’t gained any weight, so yay!
    I too struggle with meal prep. In fact, I HATE it. What little meal prepping I’ve done in the past (prepped smoothies, cut up veggies, prepared crock pot meals, etc.) took the better part of a Sunday. My weekends are jam packed already. I simply don’t have time for that madness. I know that it’s true if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. HOWEVER, I think you are still planning and you have meal and snack options that don’t need heavy prepping ready and in mind. That’s everything.
    I’m gonna try the green tea thing!
    Keep up the good work!!

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    1. I was super excited because I weighed myself that night at work and that scale said 254… so I was ummmm… I think I’ll keep checking on this one if it is a lb less haha. I know.. ugh meal prep sucks! And SOMETIMES it’s cool to have the same meal a few days/a week in a row if it’s AWESOME… but usually I wanna change my options up a bit and that prep either ends up going to waste at the end of the week or I begrudgingly eat it and it’s no fun. PLUS on the weekends I just want to do nothing but lay around and veg on the computer or sleep – unless I have to work. Tonight for example, for my dinner at work I just threw some asparagus and ham in baggies, took the last of my hardboiled eggs I stewed last week (ok, some EASY and QUICK prep every now and then), a small container of noodles hubster made this afternoon for his and the kid’s lunches, and tossed an orange and a bag of strawberries in my lunchbox… took me less than 5 mins to throw together a snack/dinner just before walking out the door! Plus my lunch ox already had a handful of green tea packets in the pocket from yesterday when I packed it 😉

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  3. Good luck! That is such a good start! 😀

    I found that I am terrible at dieting. It makes me obsess too much about food, and then I find myself snacking more and actually gaining weight dagnammit!

    I found (for me) the easiest way to lose weight is just cycling to work instead of taking the bus. I hadn’t cycled for yeeears before last summer, but since then I lost around 6kg, just from cycling 11km to work and back. It does make me tired when I first started, but I am starting to feel stronger and I love the way it has given my body better definition. If you don’t live tooooo far from work, that could really help you too!?


    1. Sorry Josypheen – I just saw this… for some odd reason you ended up in my spam folder! Hubby got me a bicycle right before winter so I definitely plan to get sone cycling in… but currently it is still a tad too cold and still the occasional random patch of ice (though those have been rapidly fading the last couple days)… but not to work. My main job is a 30 minute drive away, and the part time job in doing until the end of the school year requires me to being the kids with, so I pretty much can’t give up my car in either scenario. In Australia when I’d walk in the not-too-hot months I definitely lost some and got some good definition in my upper waist at least… so I’m overall hoping I can get put and about with at least some exercise before the mosquitos take over this summer!

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      1. Oooh it’s funny you say that! I really noticed a difference around my waist as well-even though I only really expected a change in my legs.

        Ah well, it does sound like your work is waaay too far to cycle. 😦

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  4. I’m actually really enjoying these posts. It’s helping me shape my frame of mind to talk to my husband about going to the doctor for a physical (first time for him in several years). We’ve gotten lazy with our eating habits. I want to tone up and lose 10-20 pounds, but my husband is definitely at risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, and several other conditions. You’re rocking it!!

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