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It’s The Little Things

Just one quick weight loss update – an important note! Before I move on to writing other topics again for a bit. I have a couple ideas for new posts when I get around to it… But first I thought I’d let you know this tidbit:

So, a few days ago I decided to put a new battery in my digital scale from Australia because it would be easier to see exact weight and will be more accurate than the old analog one I had been using…. Turns out it is way more accurate than I expected! It clocks me as 10 lbs lighter than the analog one – even after zeroing out the analog one again. I had hubby test it out too and he says the digital is much closer to what his weight was at the doctor’s office recently. So yay! A whole extra 10 lbs towards my goal automatically. It makes me feel a lot better as well because I am now in the weight range I was when I first started BJJ in Australia, so I now I’ve at least lost all the weight I’ve gained over the past year and a half or so since having left Australia.

As of today, as well, I am right at the top of the “Obese”/ very bottom of the “Severely Obese” BMI rather than close to the top of the “Severely Obese” BMI range it appeared I was at the start of this initiative. It’s the little things 🙂

Seeing the BMI go from 38.7 to 35 on my app has been very satisfying. Not to mention the lbs from 270 – 244. Clearly I know I only actually lost 16 of those 26 lbs, but it’s a psychological thing I think – it has been quite motivating for me this week! Next goal is to drop into the orange BMI range… Won’t take much from here!

So, hey, anyone interested in an analog scale that tells you you are 10 lbs heavier than you actually are?

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