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I Will Not Live In Vain

Ah, here we go again. I’ve put this aside for too long as I’ve worked on other projects, but I think I am now ready to pick up my original book (“I Will Not Live in Vain”) and finish the 2nd edition that I started working on well over a year ago… Two years ago? I can’t even recall when I took it off the market.

Now I think it’s time I get back to work on it while I have a handful of months before Uni starts again, before I get overwhelmingly busy again. Maybe, just maybe I can get it all updated and back out on Amazon before the next semester starts. *crossing fingers*

I am still considering whether or not to leave the title as is, or change it. I was leaning towards changing it… but I have no idea yet what I might want to call it. Hmmmm…. That’ll require some thought. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to send them my way 😛

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