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Wish Me Luck

I finally got a chance to see my doctor to talk to her about a possible anxiety diagnosis. The long story short is that she said it could very well just be anxiety mixed with depression, but my symptoms also lean towards the bipolar side of things. She said that treating bipolar is done with different drugs than for anxiety and if I AM bipolar and don’t just have an anxiety order, the anxiety meds could throw me into a manic episode. So, she’s referring me to a psychologist that can do further testing to be able to better diagnose me.

She’s also going to do some labs in a couple of days to ensure that my frequent urination has nothing to do with diabetes. I doubt it does – I’ve had blood sugar tests before and never had a doctor concerned about it, plus, as I said I’ve had the issue since I was a small child and I’m certain I would have been diagnosed previously or had other health issues associated with it way before now – especially given my propensity for craving sweets and carbs. But I’m all for double checking and making sure/ruling it out.

I was hoping on one hand for a quick, simple, diagnosis and hopefully the first prescription would work for me and… yeah… of course that was a long shot, I suppose. At least I’ve gotten the ball rolling. Hopefully I can get some answers and something that will help before school starts again next semester. I’ll be under enough stress as it is once nursing school classes start, so…

Wish me luck.

3 thoughts on “Wish Me Luck”

  1. Good luck! Sometimes, longer roads to answers are better. It’s frustrating, since we all want instant gratification and instant answers. But, sounds like your doctor is knowledgeable, and looking out for your best interests. I have an office colleague who was diagnosed bipolar a while ago, and it answered so many questions for her. She wishes she had been diagnosed sooner, but now she’s on the right medication, and is thriving.

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    1. I hope so… I’m hoping it’ll be a little more simple, maybe simple isn’t the word… but it seems that perhaps a touch of anxiety would be easier to handle than a touch of bipolar lol. I could be totally wrong with that though. Whatever it is, I just hope it can be basically figured out before school starts again

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