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I know, this may be a bit too much TMI…. but I have to tell you all about the other night. On Sunday, I stayed up to all hours of the night… scratch that, it was dawn by the time I went to bed.

Why would I do such a silly thing, given that I still had to work another shift the next afternoon?

Well, I have to say, I was straight up Jonesin’…

Jughead Jonesin’ that is. Lol

I had started season 2 of Riverdale on Netflix a few nights prior, before my stretch of shifts had started. I put down the remote knowing I’d not  sleep enough if I got home around midnight each night and watched an episode or two… but by Sunday… well… I wasn’t tired enough, I really wanted to know what was gonna happen… and I thought I could watch just one or two episodes before going to sleep. How wrong I was…

OMG, you guys it was so good… I finished the whole rest of the season by 5:30 AM. While I had pretty much figured out who the “Black Hood” was earlier on, and the Lodge drama didn’t interest me as much, I was totally committed to the Jughead / “Bughead” storyline. (Bughead being the cutesy Jughead+Betty relationship… Which, yes, I TOTALLY “SHIP” and I’m loving that the actors (Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart) are actually together in real life now apparently.)

Honestly, I feel kinda weird that I suddenly find Cole Sprouse (the actor that plays Jughead) so attractive. He’s about 9.5 years younger than me… same age within 6 months of my youngest sister. Which in the real world is not that much, considering that we are both adults. BUT, it’s far too easy for me to recall the Sprouse twins in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on the Disney channel. They were my sister’s age group, not mine, but I did watch an episode here and there. So my first and longer lasting impression of Cole is as a legit child and it makes me feel weird now to see him fully grown and …so my type. Especially since he has his hair dyed black for the show. Ugh, I’m disgusted with myself right now. LOL

At least I don’t also think Dylan is super hot I guess. Haha. A lot of it really is the darker hair for me, and the angsty Jughead character.

I suppose it should be no surprise given that I dated Dan in my teens, and have since professed my connection to characters such as Jess (in Gilmore Girls.) I love me tall, dark, intelligent, and full of angst.


image from screenrant.com


I gotto say though, that I’m fan-girling a bit at the moment over the actor himself too. From what I can see through video clips and reading his twitter/looking at his Instagram(s), he is also very intelligent and funny in real life. Well, he has a similar sense of humor to me that is. He’s artistic as well – which naturally comes with a certain level of angst anyway haha.

So, anyway, I can’t wait for Riverdale season 3. I will totally end up half asleep in my recliner at 4 AM again, just having to know what’s going to happen, I’m sure.

Maybe I just best not start it until I know its not my weekend to work at the hospital LOL…



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