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Back on Track

Gosh you guys, I’ve been in a funk as you know and totally went off the diet efforts for the past several weeks. Not always completely off… but… there were days I definitely craved donuts and/or cookie dough and gave in. It doesn’t help that I’m an emotional eater, then in snowballs so even when I’m not all that emotional I still eat too much.

So, today, for real, I’m starting over again. I’ve eaten my veggie omelet and I’m drinking my Green Tea. I actually have been still drinking my tea on and off the past few weeks, just not as consistently nor as much. Today I’m back on track, for as much as me saying that is worth.

In other updates, I am actually feeling a lot better lately. I’m more motivated for the most part – I’ve been doing such things as cleaning and organizing my house the past few days! Woo! Look at Emma go! Haha. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m hoping to be completely done and satisfied with the state of my house by the time I leave for Sweden (T Minus 4 weeks exactly until we land in Stockholm! Woo! 2 Days prior to that is when we will actually leave to start vacation though 🙂 )  I plan to come home to a nice, clean, stress free space after traveling home no doubt exhausts me.

I’ll be working a lot the week prior to leaving, so I have essentially just 3 weeks to get ALL the shit done. I’m chipping away at it steadily. It doesn’t help that my son has grown a fascination for making paper airplanes and creating things with paper, scissors, and tape… all over the place, all the time. I’m *this close* to banning paper from my house for life.

Look… It’s me, eating my eggs, drinking my Green Tea… and doing ALL the cleaning and organizing LOL

Well, no… I guess I can’t go that extreme with school coming up in the fall for me, and of course, the children. LOL


2 thoughts on “Back on Track”

  1. I’m glad you’re back on track. I know how hard it is to break out of a funk. Good for you! We started going back to the gym last week, for the first time in months. The last entry I’d logged in my gym journal was March 12th. Yikes!

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