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Psych Appointment and Update

I finally had my psych appointment yesterday. I was so tense and nervous all day, even after the appointment was over. Tension headache plagued me all day, I felt winded, and my tummy was upset most of the afternoon as well – primarily just before and through the appointment itself.

I had about an hour actually talking with the doc about history and symptoms, etc and then about an hour of tests. Two true-false tests, one was like 195 questions and the other was over 300.

I don’t yet have a diagnosis, hopefully I will have one on the 30th when I go back after my vacation… though he said depending on the results collated from these tests I might do one or two other tests. Primarily, though, the next appointment should be to go over results and consider treatment options.

At this point he says he thinks, based off of our discussion, that I am likely one of three things: Major Depressive Disorder with anxiety, Double Depressive Disorder with anxiety (Major Depression + Persistent Depression) or still possibly a mild-moderate Bipolar Disorder.

He said I probably went into a remission of sorts for a short while after taking Paxil as a teen, and that’s why I felt better in general for a couple of years after weaning off of it. He thinks that since treatment was halted all together when I was a teen, that perhaps it has cycled back and my symptoms have compounded as I got older.

I was hoping to have more definitive answers yesterday, but I suppose that was an unrealistic hope. Still, at least I’ve made the first step forward and hopefully I’ll have the answers I seek by end of month. The doc seems nice too, so that’s good.

In the meantime he told me not to stress and just enjoy my vacation…. Which starts this coming Monday – Woo!

I will likely not post anything at all while I am gone, as I’m not taking my laptop with me. But rest assured I will take plenty of pictures and post all about it when I get back… Which will be about three weeks after I leave 😉

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