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Revisiting Sandhamn

Over the weekend of July 13-15, I FINALLY got to go back to my happy place – Sandhamn. Really the island itself is called Sandö, Sandhamn is the main harbor area on one side… But I digress.

This time, instead of just me an Svea, we had a full house! Hubs and I met an old school friend of mine, Filippa, at the Strandvägen harbor in Stockholm on the Friday and took the Eskil Ferry to Sandhamn.


The Ferry docking at Sandhamn, and Filippa and I taking a selfie onboard. (She had the GALL to take a selfie by herself while I was going to the toilet, so I made her rectify the situation, haha.)

It was just as lovely as I remembered…. except this time Sweden was having a record heatwave. So, yes, it was bloody hot. Luckily, Sandö is an island, with… ya know… beaches and shit haha.

When we arrived, Svea, her husband, and her 3 year old daughter met us at the dock. We had to wait around the main dock for the alcohol shipment to come in as there is no systembolaget (state-run liquor store) on the island. Alcohol had to be ordered ahead of time and delivered through the small grocery. We also had to wait on Maja who hadn’t been able to make the Ferry we had… and there was some confusion as to when she’d actually arrive… So we had a drink at the hotel, and sweet potato fries at another café… got our liquor and walked the 30 minutes or so across the island to where Svea’s family cabin before Svea had to turn back around to retrieve Maja LOL.


That evening, after Maja FINALLY showed up, we had a cookout dinner and started having our drinks – formally initiating the Bad Girls’ Drinking Club 😉


Maja raising her glass to the surreal experience of having me back in Sweden, lol …and American Dressing for the burgers


Me n’ my old school bitches!

The next morning, after Maja recovered from the drinking… Well, ok, we all needed some coffee that morning… Haha. We went to spend the majority of the day at the beach. Hubs swam out to a small island and had an eel wrap around his leg… Sounds fun, but, uh… I let him have that fun. Otherwise, we soaked up sun and cooled off in the water of course.

38676555_261978977749656_8722937316701634560_nMaja taking some time to recover, err… Wake Up, on Saturday morning.


Hmmm…. I’m just a tiny bit jealous at how thin the bitches are next to me… LOL

That afternoon, we walked back over to Sandhamn to have lunch, do a little shopping at the grocery store, (and of course, ever the tourist type, I had to get a couple souvenirs), and I finally got my tutti-frutti ice cream I had  been so nostalgic for. I made hubs have one too 😉


Me and Filippa, Maja, Svea, and Svea;s Hubby… and pure deliciousness.

Apparently, Filippa and Maja didn’t hear that the rest of us were stopping for Ice Cream and souvenirs… so when the rest of us made it back to the cabin, we found them in this state:


Those are Crayfish party hats, y’all. LOL

That night, we had planned to go back to Sandhamn side to go drinking at a bar, but we ended up settling in with an array of food and, well, we were just too lazy. I had to soak my feet in the kiddie pool until Svea’s daughter took umbrage to me taking up her play space, lol. Then we had grilled pork for dinner… Hubby made a chicken bog as well that went over really well with everyone 🙂


Unfortunately, the next morning it was time to go. So after breakfast we tidied up and packed… Sigh.


We had all planned to leave together from the Trouville dock that is closer to Svea’s cabin, which would be a shorter ferry ride, followed by an hour long bus ride to the  Slussen subway station… Not as direct as the other ferry, but not as long of a walk carrying all our bags.

Unfortuantely, just before we left, Svea’s cat got a teensy bit pissed off about going back in it’s carrier and tore her hubby a new one. We had to rush off while Svea controlled his bleeding… so I didn’t get a proper goodbye with hugs and all of that… :/

But the rest of us traveled home together, we split off from Maja at Slussen and Hubs and I went back to Filippa’s where we had stored the rest of our luggage, we had a late lunch of pizza before hubs and I had to run off to our rental car appointment.



Maja and Filippa are Selfie-ing without me?! (on the Trouville dock), Me and Maja on the Ferry home, and Maja putting her shoes on – getting ready to leave the cabin :/

Sigh… All the more fun memories to add to my Sandhamn memory bank 🙂


P.S I’ll have more particular fun stories/convos/reflections from this trip for you all later… just aiming for the overviews before I forget facts for now 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Revisiting Sandhamn”

    1. Yup it’s a European heatwave, a lot of places are hit with unusual heat. It was awesome, and so surreal, to see my friends in real life again… it was like we picked up exactly where we left off.


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