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Heeeey… I’m Still Alive!

I’ve been so busy lately… I was hoping to write a proper blog post last weekend, while I was off of work – but I was away in Philadelphia for my sister’s wedding, and my hopes for some downtime for writing did not come to fruition.

I feel like I have so much to say, and yet nothing really to say at all. My meds are still in the new stage… I feel like they are starting to work… I feel like my anxiety and PTSD symptoms at least are lessening, but I’m not at the level yet where I can definitively say that I feel all the way better. Should be another few weeks for them to be in full effect.

I could discuss how – OH MY GOD – it snowed today at my house in Wisconsin. Or how much tea I’ve been drinking as the seasonal allergies start hitting the back of my throat… Oh BT-Dubs: I tried the best freaking tea at my sister’s house: Stash Breakfast in Paris (like an Earl Grey with Lavender) it was so freaking good, I’ve ordered myself a big ole box from Amazon.

I have things to say about my family, about my sister’s wedding and the fun I got up to in Philadelphia… But, meh, I can’t say I’m in the mood to go into all of that at the moment. I have still yet to finish updating you all on my trip to Sweden in July… LOL I’m clearly a hot-blogging-mess, haha.

I have things I could say about school life too… But I just want to shut my brain off for a few days…

I suppose for now, I’m just saying “Heeey… I’m still alive! I haven’t abandoned the blog… and I promise I’ll write more substantial posts as soon as I can!” 🙂

5 thoughts on “Heeeey… I’m Still Alive!”

      1. No, a person offering daily updates as to how many copies of their ebook they sold is trite. A whole post dedicated to a single meme found on Google or Facebook is trite. Your posts are real and from the heart. I’ll always be around to read them while you’re around to post them.

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