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Overdramatic, Foundationless Accusations

You have no fucking clue right now. Well, if you have a mother like mine perhaps you do.

I have reached the last straw with this woman. I dunno if I have the energy, honestly, to explain the whole thing right now. Suffice it to say my mum is a crazy narcissistic bitch who is trying her damnedest to alienate me and the rest of my siblings as well as Dad’s wife and grandkids etc from him.

She has made dramatic accusations in the past, but now she has put those and worse in writing in an overdramatic bid to “win” us to her side once and for all. She even states a few times that she has no proof of certain accusations, but she is sure it is true anyway.

She sent us all manila envelopes with another sealed envelope inside:


Contained within was a 4-page typed narrative where she made SERIOUS allegations about my dad, all while playing the saint and acting as though we are all too stupid or were too young or something to remember how their marriage ended (I was 21 when they divorced.) These allegations, while I won’t give them any credence by stating them here, are most certainly illegal in nature. She also used conversations with sisters out of context, and a screenshot of stuff shared on Facebook by one of my sisters as “proof” my dad must be that way.

In this she also states she really does like my step-mum (all past behavior and commentary indicate otherwise) and she hopes that she will get out unscathed, in essence. She told my sister she planned to send a letter to my step-mum as well. This would be a clear move to try to ruin their relationship too.

What the fuck is wrong with my fucking mother???

She has, in the past, written a nasty letter to her husband’s ex-wife as well. Why can she not leave well enough alone? Why must she be such a destructive force?

My parents have been divorced for 15 years. Yes… I just admitted my age haha. They have both been married to other people for 10. My mum seems happier in general with her husband, but yet they both feed off of each other when complaining and talking nasty about their exes. But Why now? Why hold this grudge for so long, let alone go to such extremes now?? GET OVER IT, MOTHER.

When told by one of my sisters to stop talking shit about dad in the past, she claimed they obviously talk shit about her.

“No, mum, actually… They don’t talk about you at all.”

Because my dad and step mum A.) Don’t talk shit about other people let alone their kid’s other parents and B.) aren’t fucking childish drama-starting bitches.

I am SO done.

All she has done now is push us further away from her. Honestly, I think she sensed that she’s starting to lose us, and thinks that we then must be siding with dad… so she thinks she’ll win us back by getting us to side with her.

It’s never been about us siding with one parent or another. A couple sisters have even flat out told her in the past that they don’t want to hear anything about the divorce/past relationship. They don’t want to be in the middle of anything… and yet, she persists.

The feeling that she is losing us is entirely about her behavior and how SHE treats us.

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