I assure you that, yes, Emma is fine

Oh geez, it seems like, once again, I have been gone from WordPress much longer than I had realized. I guess 3 weeks really isn’t all that bad in the history of my many random blogging sabbaticals.

But I am here once again to assure you that, yes, Emma is fine.

I know the last few posts may have indicated that maybe I could have, I dunno, entered a spiral. I haven’t and I’m good. I’ve just been ridiculously busy and excessively tired on my rare off days. Currently I am in the middle of working 10 out of 12 days – the most of which are 12 hr shifts. (I think it’s been… 7 shifts of the 10 are 12s, the rest are 8s.)

But after Tuesday I will have a decent stretch of time off and will be flipping back to a more normal schedule, and school will be starting in a couple of weeks so my schedule will even out over all. Phew.

It’s been a great summer overall, barring of course the mother issue. Otherwise it’s been busy, but great 🙂

I will attempt to bring forth some more quality content for you soon. No promises on how soon “soon” is – cuz, again, working for a few more days… or rather they are training days… but still. I’ll try. In the mean time, rest assured, I am fine.

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