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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays y’all! Ooo a change for once – a happier noted post, lol. I finally have time for writing, but I’ve been spending most of the holidays sleeping, eating goodies, and listening to podcasts. …I’ve even caught up on a few TV shows! Woo!

…and working a bit, but not too much 🙂

I hope everyone is having a pleasant time with their loved ones during your respective holidays, or even lack thereof. We celebrate Christmas, but I also introduced my kids to Hanukkah this year – I’ve been bad about remembering to light the candles every night, before they go to bed… but at least they gained an understanding of it. I’ve got Jewish relatives, and my kids go to a parochial school – in which occasionally they come home with some rather restrictive ideas (often from classmates.) My daughter asked me this year about “the war on Christmas” and why some people “refuse” to say “Merry Christmas.” So, well, I decided it was the perfect time to explain the real story about Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays, and continue forward by giving a more in depth lesson regarding Hanukkah. I think it went well. My son specifically really enjoyed the activities – more than my pre-teen brooding daughter.

Overall, I think I’ve had a pretty good 2019 (irrespective of the less-positive posts I’ve posted periodically here) and I’m looking forward to an even better 2020! I passed my 3rd semester of nursing school, I’m onto my 4th and God-willing will graduate with my RN in May… and I think I’ve decided on the school I want to apply to for my RN-BSN program. It’s exciting just to finally make that decision. Crossing fingers I get in (and get scholarships etc etc)!!

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