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Light at the End of The Tunnel

I’ve been ridiculously busy. I know, I know… That’s been my excuse every time I leave y’all hanging. But I’m back, for a moment, while I waste my energy on laundry and not on my studies…

Last semester and it’s all a bit overwhelming to be honest, but I’m staying positive – because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel… and that light means a potential move – and hopefully a residency if that is the case. I’ve already had an online interview for a residency so crossing fingers I get it, and also that the move then doesn’t fall through. We are not 100% sure of the move yet, but it’s highly likely and we should know very soon.

That being said, while thinking about moving I had my petty bitchy side surge and I had the impulse to message Dane and tell him I’m moving out of the Midwest… and quite frankly – he’s welcome. If he wanted to be rid of me, well then – more distance should make him all the more happy – right?

I didn’t do it, and I won’t. But damn it pisses me off that the thought of him even encroached on my mind at all after all this time. It annoys me that my mind is swimming with so many other, more important things and yet, he still crept in. I’m sure he’s not ever thinking of me anymore, but I still envision him just sitting in Michigan being a smug bastard. 64604768_619991905171739_6414841756054978560_n

Anyway, enough of that. Like I said, I have more important things on my mind. I have my first CHA 2 exam next week – and I’m freaking out. We are not even finished learning plan one, and my notebook already has over 70 pages of notes! It’s all just so much!! Then there is the rest of my classes, and waiting to find out where my preceptorship will be after spring break… and waiting on finding out if we are for sure leaving after graduation… and then trying to get a jump start on cleaning junk out of the house – in the anticipation of moving… and then if we don’t move at least the house will be cleaned out/organized. bitmoji-20190326051050

On top of all that, as my featured image “hints” at – it’s freaking cold and the snow just keeps coming. That’s just the icing on the cake most days lately. Don’t get me wrong… I actually, generally, like snow… but ugh it’s such a pain to deal with when you are busy and having to run around to school, work, etc etc. Sigh.

Anyway, I’ll try to get back for more quality programming soon… But can’t make a timeframe promise at this point. I just ask you send good vibes my way and wish me luck over the rest of the semester! TIA 🙂

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