Happy Birthday… I mean Blogday to me!

Oh geez, you guys (can you hear the increasingly midwestern accent encroaching in my vernacular? lol) It’s my Blogaversary today! This blog is 5 years old. FIVE, count ’em… FIVE YEARS OLD!

Where has all the time gone? My little baby has grown so much… and just think how much bigger it could have been had I actually given it much more attention in the past few years lol. It’s okay though, it still is getting steady traffic, visitors everyday and certain posts get regular traffic too. I can’t complain given that I am unable to keep up with it on any kind of regular schedule.

Turns out this coincides with my real birthday – sort of. I turned 37… count em’ THIRTY-SEVEN years old ten days ago. LOL okay, no don’t count those birthdays, I mean I’m 27… 17… nowhere near 40 AHHHHH! Just kidding, I’m not TOO worried about crossing past the 40 landmark, lol. Anyway, I didn’t realize (or more likely forgot because I’m OLD… AHHHHHHH) That I apparently started this project in my birthday month.

So that’s all I really came here to say – to gloat about my blog’s age and commiserate about mine 😉 Thank you all for sticking with me this long, I hope to make your time worthwhile as and when I am able to write.

Much Love,


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