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I know! I KNOW!

I know, I’m sorry I always say I’ll be back sooner rather than later… and then all of a sudden it is three months later. Good news is I have finished my college program and will soon be able to sit for the next set of boards soon and will then be able to call myself “Emma Meadows, RN.” In the meantime, I have started as an RN-Extern again at my local hospital and am back on NOCs as of this week.

I finished my semester with all As, and in spite of Covid-19. I have finally reached this goal in the “year of the Nurse” – 200 years since Florence Nightingale was born.

Also I have good news in that I am also in the middle of writing a whole ‘nother post, a proper post, that will be scheduled for a few days out so at least this time I’ll be telling the truth when I say I’ll be back here soon!! LOL

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