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“It’s Been a Long Road” …or “Never Give Up on Your Dreams”

You guys. I did it.

Not only did I pass my RN-NCLEX a couple weeks ago, but I have – as of today – officially become a Registered Nurse.

I know I have written about how I wanted to be an RN for a long time on this blog before – years ago at this point – but I’m not sure if those posts are even still viewable for all y’all… So I will be giving you a quick run through today.

In early 2008, merely a month after the trauma of David, my husband was in the hospital having a couple of neuro surgeries. I was in his hospital room 24/7 for a good two weeks and it was a very rough time as my husband got a lot worse before he got better.

bitmoji-20180606020326During this time I noticed the nurses… I was in flux at that time not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I had never even considered nursing. I asked questions of the nurses and the CNAs about their respective jobs and observed what they did. I started to think maybe it was something I could do and their schedule seemed appealing.

Then, a nightshift nurse named Elizabeth came in and changed my life forever. It’s because of her (and how she visibly cared about my husband and me) that I made up my mind that I really wanted to be an RN.

I decided to start as a CNA to get the feel of the profession first before I ran full force to nursing. It took about two years to be able to take a CNA course… Early 2010 I got a job at the same hospital as a Nursing Tech on critical care units – and I was able to find Elizabeth again and thank her. I learned a LOT during my time at that hospital.

I started school again that autumn to do all my pre-reqs, but by the time I was done all those courses and was accepted into nursing school, my husband’s job took us to Australia. I then had to put schooling on hold for the four years we were there due to school being much too expensive as an international student.


I tried to stay in the health services, however, and keep learning as much as I could. This is how I became a PCA supervisor in the local Dept of Health hospital and at the same time became the Superintendent of Cadets for St John Ambulance and a first responder/educator with them.

After approximately four years we moved back to the USA. …And FINALLY, 10 1/2 years after I initially decided to be an RN, I was able to start my RN-ADN program. The next year I was able to take the boards to start working as an LPN, and then the next year… this year… 12 years later… The actual year of the nurse… I am a freaking Registered Nurse, baby!

I’m not gonna lie, there were several times I broke down in tears or my depression took over for awhile while I started to think it would never happen for me.

But now, not only am I an RN, I graduated with honors, and I have one of my dream jobs: working in the Emergency Room. I am also in process of registering to start my BSN degree online – due to start in the Spring.

It all just goes to show that you should never give up on your dreams, no matter how long it takes you to get your hands on the prize! It was worth the wait, it really was.



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