Busy Busy Business

Hello lovelies,

It’s been too long again, I know. I was, as I believe you know, starting that new job earlier in the summer. So with that, and the extra training days I was naturally more busy. THEN we suddenly got the chance to rent a new house that actually has AIR CONDITIONING (OMG YAAASSS) and we moved in Aug 3rd after we came back from a trip to Philadelphia to visit my sister… We kept the other house through August to move everything out and clean etc on our days off from work. That seemed to take forever and we finally got done on Aug 30th.

Once this house is set all the way up I’ll do a post specifically about it. (Gosh, there is sooooooo much stuff piled in the garage right now… had to dig my computer out from the mess this morning) It is infinitely a better house than the last one for more than just the air conditioning. We love it.

Oh, we also got a new corgi puppy this summer while we were in Pennsylvania… No wonder it feels like summer has gone so fast with all the stuff that’s been going on.

She pooped herself out herding her lampchops lol

My kids started school in the last week of August. My son is in a younger grade that does small classes with social distancing every day, my daughter is in a couple grades up so she goes to school two times a week, then does virtual learning the other three days. It’s a new school for them both as well, and they seem to be liking it well enough. Also, my grandmother came at the end of that week to spend a month with us.

My job was going well enough for most of the summer – while I was on day shift. Of course I am still learning and there was plenty to work on, but my dayshift preceptors were good at balancing constructive criticisms with positive feedback, and supporting me throughout the shift. I’m finding it quite the opposite on nightshift – my preceptor there is much more negative and unsupportive. (and let’s not even speak of her loud declarations that all the problems in the USA are due to the Liberals (said with disdain) – without any regard to the fact that many of us are not Trumpsters!!)

I’m finding it harder to acclimate to nightshift, mainly due to the staff – unfortunately. I have been trying to be amiable and do things how they want me to, but then I’m still told I should be doing other things instead of the thing my preceptor just told me to do… or told I should work on delegating only to be snapped at and told to do it myself when I try to delegate something. I’m told to stop charting because something else is more important only to get bitched at that my charting isn’t done before I’m given the chance to finish tasks and get back to charting. I won’t go too far into it here, but needless to say it’s been awful. Therefore, I have applied for a transfer to another unit that I worked on for awhile as an Extern and did all my clinicals on. Many of my classmates are working up there and they were much happier with their preceptorships and the supportive staff on both shifts. It will also be a place where I can get more experience with foundational nursing, so that will be good for me.

So crossing fingers that transfer comes through ASAP… because I am so tired of trying to be amiable to people who are not amiable to me and who seem to be setting me up for failure.

Now that I have unearthed my computer, I will try to be back sooner rather than later… Hopefully.

Much Love,


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