Two times in a month – you lucky dogs, you

Here I am again, for the second time in a month – wow! It’s been awhile since that’s happened LOL.

No news yet on the transfer. I should find out this week if it’s been approved. Otherwise I have emailed my current manager (we just got an interim one as the other one just moved on) explaining the situation and that, if I don’t get the transfer, I will need a new preceptor and hopefully a new shift. I just don’t feel comfortable with being a new nurse on nights anymore. So hopefully one or the other will work out.

My gramma is visiting this month, and we ran into one of the paramedics when we went out to dinner the other night. He’s been a paramedic for a long time, and is very smart and supportive – so it made my heart glad to hear him tell my grandma that I am “one of the best they’ve ever had” and that they “love” me. If only all the ED staff could be that supportive!

I had to be off all week because I was ill last weekend and though it was a GI issue, and the rest of my family had the same symptoms, the hospital is being extra cautious because of covid – and GI issues can be a way that covid presents in some people – so I could not work until my most recent covid test came back negative. Don’t worry – it did! But I lost out on my hours, and only had minimal PTO built up… Luckily, I still am casual at the nursing home I was an LPN at before I got my RN and was able to pick up a shift this weekend to help offset the loss of wages. It’s nice being back there once in awhile – especially nightshift …Huge difference doing NOCs there as opposed to the ED, that’s for certain.

In mental health news, I have switched my meds around recently. I had been steadily gaining weight no matter what I did to avoid it… Doc said the one med I was on for my PTSD/Depression/Anxiety is notorious for weight gain. So we are trying something else that typically causes weight loss/lowered appetite. Only a couple week’s in so far – so wish me luck that it does everything I need it to do in addition to helping me start losing the kilos I have packed on!!

Well, that’s about all I have for you right now. Talk to you again soon, my lovelies… (hopefully 😉 )

Much Love


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