She’s Glorious

I splurged on a new laptop. You guys… she’s glorious. She’s an Asus Vivobook. It was just in time, too. I ordered her because I’m starting my BSN next semester, and I happened to make a butt tonne of money at my travel nursing job last week (three days of work and made more than two weeks’ worth of pay I would have made at the hospital!) …and literally the day after I ordered her my old laptop started crashing continuously. Good thing I had just backed up all of my files!!

I am also pleased to discover that it automatically activated my Microsoft office applications when I signed in to Microsoft. Woo! I was not wanting to have to pay for a subscription or a new download in general 😀

I have no excuse not to write now I guess… Well, except for my general work schedule and at home craziness… but seriously, it’ll be an even bigger pleasure to come back to wordpress now that I have this baby.

Now, what should I name her?

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