Huge Bag of Gourmet Cheese

Glad Sankta Lucias dag, allihopa! Things are going very well in Emma’s life these days. I am devoting myself to writing today on a rare day off where I have not many other tasks that need completing… So hopefully I will be able to get a few more narrative posts scheduled for you all. I’d really like to try to get back to some more of my original style content that you had all come to know and enjoy. We’ll see how it goes.

This, the year of the nurse, has been a very busy one for this nurse. I upgraded my license from Practical Nurse to Registered Nurse. I started working in an Emergency Department, which did not work out in the end. No worries, though… I was having a terrible time there so I was honestly relieved to let it go. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the work itself… It was just a very clique-y and my preceptor was awful. It just became more stressful than necessary.

Almost immediately I moved in to a position Covid testing for a couple of cheese factories in the area through a travel nurse company – making more money in two days than I did in two weeks at the ED. This is a position that is reliant on the needs of the companies… which right now I am contracted to one weekly through the end of January and the other lets me know three weeks or so at a time. So far I’m contracted through the last week of December. I have had consistently 2-3 shifts a week since October 1st doing this. In the meantime, I did start another more long term position to ensure I have work once the Covid testing slows down. Also, a MUCH better paying job than the ED was… But not quite as lucrative as Covid testing LOL.

This new job is as a staff RN at a county jail. I am enjoying in immensely so far.

All of my coworkers are great, my manager is great… They all seem to like me, in fact they’ve said so around me. I feel much more welcome in this environment and feel as though I can be much more myself. It’s a bit of a drive to get there, but it’s worth it for the mental health aspect of it all. I also feel as though I am getting much more well rounded nursing done in this position as well. Currently I am only working part time for them, due to my Covid contractual obligations – but I am hoping to move in to full time (Three 12 hour shifts a week) once the swabbing needs slow down. They are hoping they can woo me into full Time as well. Honestly, I think they pretty much have! I’m just waiting for the other position to slow down because… dude, I cannot pass up that chunk of change.

Plus, one of the factories gifted me a huge bag of gourmet cheese for Christmas, sooooo… LOL I’m actually waiting to make my Lussekatter (saffron and currant buns) and Cardamom braids until tomorrow so that they can be fresh to take in when I go back on Tuesday morning.

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