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This Will Only Hurt A Little

For those of you that have followed me for awhile, it won’t come to any surprise that I have read a new autobiography that I love. Well, ok, this most recent one I’ve experienced is actually an audiobook I’ve been listening to on my hour and fifteen minute commutes to and from work. I got it on Sunday and started listening to it on my commute Monday… This week I only did that commute Monday and don’t go back until Friday and this weekend… and I have already started CD 6 of 7. Not that it’s a short audio book… but because I pop it on for all my errand running I’ve done, and then sit in parking lots or my driveway continuing to listen for a bit before getting out of my car.

It’s Busy Phillips’ 2018 book This Will Only Hurt a Little, by the way. I have been meaning to read it for awhile now, and when I came across the CD set on sale, I snatched it up.

It should be no surprise, as I said, because not only have I posted about other autobiographies I’ve loved, but I’ve also straight out told you all that I just love personal stories. I’ve enjoyed telling you mine, and I enjoy reading or being told other’s life tales that are well written and well told.

I’ll tell you what. Busy had me absolutely sobbing on my ride home Monday night. I mean… I actually clutched my heart at one point and let out a wounded kitten like sound. I don’t want to give away what it was that caused that reaction because spoilers, darling. I’ll just say, though the sobbing had started earlier in the commute, I instinctively clutched at my chest when she started talking about the Pope.

Busy is so freaking relatable… and on a side note I started re-watching Freaks and Geeks again this week on Hulu and I am now irrationally angry again that it was canceled after one season. (Also, I have had the realization come back to me of how much I’ve always crushed on Seth Rogan, but that’s a story for another time.)

I’ve also since discovered she has a couple podcasts, so I’ve followed those so I have more Busy to listen to after I finish this audiobook in the next couple of days.

Highly recommend.

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