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Mosaic of My Life

There is a really beautiful trend happening on Tik Tok right now. Yes, yes… I’m an elder millennial and I Tik Tok. I don’t wanna hear about it. Anyway, this trend is about telling what things that you do, say, or think came from other people in your life. It is called the mosaic challenge because it shows that you are made up of the people you meet throughout your life.

Unfortunately the minute time frame is so short to explain it all… Especially when you are *cough cough* an elder millennial or older. So I thought I’d make an extended list for you here:

I put honey in my tea, because Svea put honey in her tea.

I accent my ring finger when I do manicures because when I was 12 years old, my grandmother took me for my first manicure and she told me that was the nail that was supposed to be accented.

When I smoke, I hold the cigarette between my ring and middle finger because Dan did that occasionally when we were together.

I favor Vernors ginger ale because my midwestern grandparents favored Vernors.

My drama teacher in year 10 told me I had strong stage presence. I remember that anytime I feel anxious about stepping in or speaking out. It makes me feel like I can fool others into thinking I am strong and not anxious at all.

My social studies teacher in year 10 told me that he knew I had an artistic mind and visual learning style because of how my outfits always looked so put together with intention. It was said so nicely that it made me feel proud and I have made sure to continue carrying that intention forward into my adulthood.

I drink cherry Pepsi when I am menstruating because when I was 13, my mum told me that would help my cramps (because caffeine) and I still crave it every month now.

I make up silly random songs when I talk to my kids because my dad did that with me and my siblings.

I take my selfies from above because Marianne taught me I look thinner that way.

I count the amount of days of the month on my knuckles still – just like Mrs Williams taught me in year 1.

I still buy Nivea cream in a small tin sometimes just because it reminds me of Maja.

I pee in less than a minute because my French teacher in year 2 would stop the whole class and make everyone count to 60 in French whenever someone had to use the toilet. …and the toilet user had to be back before the class was done counting or they’d be scolded.

I am a nurse, because the nurse – Elizabeth – that took care of my husband when he was having neurosurgery was simply amazing.

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