About Rae

Hi, my name is Rae, nice to meet you 🙂 I really do go by “Rae” in real life, but the rest of the name I use is a pseudonym. On my blog and in my books I go by Rae M. Meadows. All of the people I write about are also under false names unless otherwise stated; it has been surprisingly easy to remember the false names I have selected for people. I try to make a connection to their real names – same ethnic background, same meaning, same amount of syllables. If there is something specific I’ve noted about someone’s name; I find one that also correlates with the observation or story.

All my stories are true as well – unless notated with “Fiction” in the title. The majority of my writing so far is non-fiction. **I do now have a fiction only blog called Raeavljus Writes… Please check it out and share/follow!

I am 33 years old now. I just moved back to America from Australia. I lived in the same small Aussie town from 4th – 7th grade, travelled further in the world, and arrived back there nearly 4 years ago. My travelling life started young – I lived in Africa when I was 3 and later when I was 15. I’ve lived in Europe and Scandinavia as well; only about 1/3 of my life has been spent living in the US – soon to be less as I grow older.

My blog contains some entries that have to do with my travels – but not much. This is not a travel blog. It’s probably because I have had my own fair share of travel, and though there are still places I wish to go someday – I find that other people documenting their own travel bore me. That sounds so privileged. I am aware of that… but… That’s how it is.

My blog is a lot of true stories from my life, a lot about my relationships in the past; Good, bad, and abusive. I write a fair bit about friends and memories, and current events in my life. I write about depression and the issues I come across working with Youth.

My friend, who helped me edit my books, said once that the way I write is “conversational” and that it makes her feel as though I am sitting on her couch, having tea with her, and telling her my story one-on-one. I liked the thought of that, so I have tried to maintain that style throughout my blog as well. So, come on –  pull up a chair, grab a cuppa tea, and let me tell you my story.

The Books:

Originally I wrote the first manuscript (“I Will Not Live in Vain”)  as a way to record my life and leave a legacy for my children so that they may know and understand me more when I am gone. I allowed a few close friends to read it and I was then urged to polish and publish it. In this book I record most of my travels, the ups and downs with my faith, and some of my relationships with men.

My second book is titled “That Boy Gave Me Cooties,” it is a memoir for a different audience. The previous book was an all encompassing memoir that had themes of faith and other personal issues I worked through. This new book is only about the men in my life. I’ve written about the relationships from the previous book in much more detail as well as written out the relationships and other guys that were barely mentioned, if at all, in I Will Not Live in Vain. Personally, I like how this book turned out better – so it is my recommendation to start here and work back to I Will Not Live in Vain if your interest is piqued and you want to learn about further aspects of my life.

*I Will Not Live in Vain is CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE while I wrote more and redo the book in a second edition. The name may possibly change as well. Watch this space.

*That Boy Gave Me Cooties is available in paperback here and on Kindle here.

**Please help an indie Author out and leave reviews on Amazon after you read! (Especially if they are good!! 😉 ) Thanks!**

Contact: iwillnotliveinvain@gmail.com


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  7. Hi Rae! Lovely to meet you … I appreciate the honesty and straightforwardness of your blog. Makes me smile 🙂 And wow, have you travelled! (I’ve been to Australia and really like it)
    Thanks also for visiting my blog – lovely to have your presence.
    Blessings to you Rae,

    Liked by 1 person

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