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No Longer Woefully Tattooless

I've been wanting a tattoo since I was 17. I've told you all this before. I was never the type to jump in for such a permanent addition to my body without being absolutely sure I would love it forever... So I gave myself time limits to think on ideas and if I had any… Continue reading No Longer Woefully Tattooless

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Just wanna squeeze him!

Leroy - remember Leroy? I think I took most of the posts about him down... maybe not all... but Leroy, Y'all. I just want to squeeze him you guise. He finally broke up with the girl, after over a year of dating... of her treating him horribly etc etc. I won't go way into the… Continue reading Just wanna squeeze him!

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Public Service Announcement

Do me a favor y’all. If you ever have a guy in your life injure themselves via punching a wall (or any other hard surface), please… please, do not call them “stupid” or any other such synonym. It may be tempting to laugh and call them a dumbass or an idiot because obviously punching brick… Continue reading Public Service Announcement

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Writing fiction, bionic hands, and disppointing my best friend :/

Leroy had his surgery on Wednesday to get metal plates put into his hand. Spent some time visiting him afterwards, and then got to actually meet his girlfriend. She seems nice and I can see why he likes her... I just hope he/they can work through their issues from now on and not let it… Continue reading Writing fiction, bionic hands, and disppointing my best friend :/

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Are You Okay?

  There's a campaign in Australia that begs you to ask the question "R U OK?" Supposedly it's been around for a few years, but it has recently been pushed forward in the limelight on all media platforms because "R U OK? Day" is in September every year. The basic idea is that a conversation… Continue reading Are You Okay?

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“I hit a brick wall.”

Okay, okay… only one more about Leroy… at least until another major development, I guess. I saw him last night, he came to help me clean out my volunteer office… my desk seems to be the main place people like to dump things when I am not around. Anyway, I digress. We got a chance… Continue reading “I hit a brick wall.”

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Goddammit, Leroy.

I don’t know what to do. Also, I need another fake name. I’ve talked about this kid a couple of times before, but never assigned him a name on here (I don’t think.) Ima call him “Leroy” for now – after Eve 6’s “On the Roof Again” song I wrote about recently 🙂 This kid,… Continue reading Goddammit, Leroy.

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“Why I Volunteer.”

Today I was in a training session all day for work. At the end of the day, the facilitator asked us to gather around where he had four pieces of paper on the floor. One said "Professional Development," another said "Make a Contribution," yet another said "Personal Growth." The last one I don't remember exactly… Continue reading “Why I Volunteer.”

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A friend of mine commented to me personally that my previous post sounded like I was describing depression, and she suggested that I write a post specifically on the topic... First of all, I want to say I do not consider myself depressed at the moment. I do not consider myself as depressed most of… Continue reading Depression