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I was talking to Maja about old movies tonight. I mentioned an '80s movie I watched after a long time last night - and how horrified I was at one part. I always expect '80s movies to get away with so much more than movies do today, yet this one part just... no. I'll write… Continue reading Fear

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A really small gang

I mentioned Dane in passing during a conversation last night. I was discussing about what an ass I can be to my friends – in love… I’m an ass that acts out out of love… Haha. If I flick my middle finger at you, or call you dumb or any other derogatory term to your… Continue reading A really small gang

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Movie of our life

So, over the weekend I found out some information about my life, my family, etc that was a bit of a shock if I'm honest. Of course my first instinct was "OH MY GOD - I HAVE TO WRITE THIS ON MY BLOG." But of course, I knew I'd have to restrain myself from that.… Continue reading Movie of our life

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Followup to “That One Night”

**Not for youth audiences again please** Look, I know putting that^^ little notice won’t stop any young people from reading these posts if they want to. May even peak their interest… So if any youth actually read these posts regardless of my request, I hope that you are at least taking a lesson or two… Continue reading Followup to “That One Night”

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When Maja “Saved my life”

I dunno how many of you actually look at comment streams under these blog posts, but in case you are curious about what Maja wrote underneath "So Cool, eller?" I have decided to explain a portion of that night here. Stating that Maja "Saved my life" may be a bit dramatic of me to say… Continue reading When Maja “Saved my life”

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Word F***ery

I don’t know if it’s the insomnia i've had over the past few days, or simply the fact that I’ve been looking at and listening to other languages a lot this weekend. I have been listening to my Swedish music and reading a book in Swedish… and I also decided to start learning Estonian, so… Continue reading Word F***ery

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So Cool, eller?

A couple days ago, Maja posted a couple of old pics on facebook she found of herself, Svea, and me. I am about to share one of myself that absolutely proves I was the epitome of cool perhaps not a complete dork back in the early 2000s. Last year she posted another pic from this… Continue reading So Cool, eller?

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Maja Memory #1

Booop Booop Booop - that's my poor rendition of the skype ring tone - ...Booop. Oh My God, Maja's calling! "Hush up!" I say to the kids. Maja and I had been playing Skype tag for almost 6 months, finally a tangible chance to actually click that little phone icon and actually for realsies talk… Continue reading Maja Memory #1