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Ren Faire – 20 years later!

Finally, FINALLY! I got to go back to a Ren Faire! As I mentioned yesterday, my husband and I made last minute plans to travel to a Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, WI this weekend after my weekend suddenly cleared up. We went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire first thing today after traveling down yesterday and… Continue reading Ren Faire – 20 years later!

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As Betty would say: “My People Are Nordic.”

The thing about the new Facebook trend of posting pictures of three characters that represent you is that how the fuck can I choose? This is actually one FB trend that interests me and I might actually care to join in on... I rarely do the trending things on my FB... I have a 'not gonna… Continue reading As Betty would say: “My People Are Nordic.”

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Sansa, My Queen

I did pretty well keeping away from Game of Thrones Spoilers this week... I don't have the appropriate channel package to allow me to watch it when it airs... so I usually see it anywhere from 2 days to a week late because my friend records it and graciously allows me to come over to… Continue reading Sansa, My Queen

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Yes, it’s me… Sansa Stark

Hey, remember when I said Sansa Stark was my spirit animal? Well, I decided if that was the case, I OBVIOUSLY had to dress as her for Halloween last night. Without the cape I may have slightly resembled Cersei a little more... but... shhhh.... 😉 It is Spring time in the desert for me so… Continue reading Yes, it’s me… Sansa Stark

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I’m a Sansa double

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Sansa Stark is my Spirit animal... just now I took a quiz off of Variety to determine which GOT character I would be ...when "Sansa Stark" popped up I was like "Heck Yeah!" 🙂 I also want to assure you before we go any further that… Continue reading I’m a Sansa double

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Sansa Stark is my Spirit Animal

I've been a bit behind on Game of Thrones, so I sat down yesterday and caught myself up. I must say that Sansa Stark has the worst possible luck with men and now I feel like I have no room to complain about any of my past negative relationships. Damn Girl. I've liked Sansa from… Continue reading Sansa Stark is my Spirit Animal