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I Was A Slut For Sleeping With Him

Write it down, I'm told. Anything you can remember, just write it down. The thing is you want me to remember, to recall events, to be able to tell you about them - but you fail to understand that these particulars, the particulars I am ashamed of, were not that important to me. Not in… Continue reading I Was A Slut For Sleeping With Him

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Dissociation and Flippancy

I just picked up Amy Schumer's book "The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo." I came across it yesterday at our local Kmart, I reached out and picked it up without a second thought. Not even considering the price as I would usually do. That's because I've long considered her my spirit animal - a… Continue reading Dissociation and Flippancy

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Taylor Swift Gets Me : Reprise

While we’re on the topic of Taylor Swift, I went back and perused my posts from February 2015 – when I started this blog – and came across one of the first posts I had written that was also a I-have-a-girl-crush-on-Taylor kind of post. What I had done is compiled and mashed up several of… Continue reading Taylor Swift Gets Me : Reprise

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Thank the gods

I thought I remembered Viktor differently. I always remembered him as pretty cute; as most blond haired, blue eye Scandinavian boys were to me. But awhile ago we reconnected through Linkdin as he doesn't have facebook or any other such account on a social media platform. In the picture he used for that profile, he… Continue reading Thank the gods

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Hopefully he won’t read it…

I typed up a message, copy and pasting for the most part - since I had sent basically the same message to a handful of other men. The messages and emails were notifications that I wrote a particular book and that I had written about them in it. I told them if they wanted to read… Continue reading Hopefully he won’t read it…

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The Abstinence and Shaming Culture

I don't talk much about topics that tend to make people emotional. I mentioned that in my last post. Topics that would be considered "subversive" in any way with any of my friends or acquaintances I avoid because I just don't want to hear it. I don't want to argue. I don't want to feel… Continue reading The Abstinence and Shaming Culture

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Viktor – #2

I got a message from Viktor today... He read my post about him and... I just... Well... He liked it. He actually liked it and thanked me for writing it. I know I copy and paste messages sometimes into my blog post, but this time it feels a little too personal to put his exact… Continue reading Viktor – #2

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I started to think perhaps I have been a bit harsh in my flippant remarks about my relationship with Viktor. Maybe "harsh" isn't the word exactly... but to be honest, I don't look back on my relationship with any strong feelings, good or bad. He was the first boy I had intercourse with, yes, but… Continue reading Viktor