Emma’s Relationships

Wyatt n’ me

This blog was founded on stories from my memory and quickly grew to discussing several of my relationships, past dating experiences, and eventually a relationship memoir.

All the relationships can be found through this link HERE, but if you find you have an interest in any particular man/story follow the links below to sort to just the posts that discuss them:

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The most popular and most written about men are:

Dan – The Troubled Boy

David – The Unstable Man

Wyatt – The Dating Abuser

Justin n’ me
Other Players include:

Viktor – The Swede

Sven – The Dane

Timmy – The One Night Stand

Andre – The Hippie

Justin – Sweet 16

Jason – My Husband

Jimmy – Teenage Crush

Other Dating Adventures can be found HERE


Me n’ Maja, Maja, Me n’ Svea (and Nico)

and stories involving my Best Friends Forever can be found at:

Dane – BFF Boy

Maja – BFF Girl #1

Svea – BFF Girl #2



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