Birthday Twin, part 2

At the request of Colin and Klutzy, I have returned with the follow up story from yesterday’s post now that Jason (the Hubs) has agreed that there should be no issue sharing it since I hid identities.

So. You ready? 😉

While we had been living in New Orleans, at a certain point Jason and his coworkers all had to go live in Mississippi for 6 months (until the company then decided to move their project there indefinitely.) This was 12 years ago now.

During this time period of temporary assignment, I would stay in NOLA over the week for work and then travel to Mississippi (about an hour and a half to two hour drive) to spend the weekend with the hubs.

This time period is when the story of the heinous birthday twin woman took place.

Apparently, as Jason tells it, he had the sense that their marriage was not going well (even before the temporary move) because she treated her husband “much the same” as she had treated me. I take this to mean that she was likely a narcissist as well as a hoarder and whatever other negative personality traits she had. I can’t comment on if there were any reasons on his end that it may not have been going well – but he seemed to be a dejected, beat down sort of man when he was around her.

Jason said that while they rarely hung out while in Mississippi, he did understand that this guy dreaded the weekends in which he would return to NOLA to spend at home. It became a thing he only did because of the need to see his children; his wife being an unfortunate side effect.

At some point, the guy gave up and though he was supposed to go home one Friday evening, he did not show up at his house in NOLA. So on the Saturday evening, she drove her kids to Mississippi to confront him at his apartment… But he wasn’t there. I don’t know what she did in between… Where she stayed, but supposedly she (and the children) waited for him and by Monday morning he still hadn’t come back to his apartment.

Now, I know my first thought would have been “OMG Something must have happened to my husband!” Right? Who wouldn’t think that? Okay, possibly you think along the lines of cheating at some point… But after him not being at his apartment where you would otherwise expect him to show up when he wouldn’t expect you there… then… accident on the way to New Orleans? Should you call hospitals? MIA for three days!

Well, Monday morning Jason went out to his truck to leave for work. By the way – he usually started work between 6 and 6:30 AM… so it was very early. There was a car parked perpendicular to the back of his truck. He assumed it was someone parking briefly, because who in their right mind would park like that for more than a few minutes?

Well, he waited and waited, yet the car did not move. So he got out to ask the person in the car to get out of his way so he could get to work. This is when he recognised it was her and her two kids.

She hopped out of the car and got in his face screaming about her husband not being there and that he must be cheating on her. She made accusatory gestures such as poking him in the chest and accusations to the effect of Jason letting him step out on her or something.

He remained calm and told her that he was her husband’s supervisor, not his keeper. He told her to calm down and he had no idea where he had gone.

He got back in his truck and she got back in her car before starting to move forward. So Jason started to back out and she threw her car into reverse and stopped him again. Jason waited for about ten minutes, in the meantime he tried calling the guy to come take care of this shit so he could get to work – yet the guy did not answer.

Finally Jason got back out of his truck again and the woman flew into further rage, accusing Jason of calling to warn her husband she was there.

All the while, of course, her children were sobbing in the back seat.

Again, he remained calm and told her that no – he hadn’t answered, but he had called to have him come take care of his woman. He then told her if she did not leave immediately he would be next calling the police.

She then left, finally, all while pointing at him with a grimace on her face.

Once he got to work, he called the husband into his office and locked the door. he told him in no uncertain terms that it was against company policy to get involved in employee’s personal business, but it was his wife that had made it Jason’s business. He then said the guy could take the afternoon off to handle the situation – because if she brought it to the company again by involving him or anyone else in their marriage then it would negatively effect the guy’s career. (i.e security issues would affect his ability to be employed by the company.)

Jason said that was the last he spoke of it, until he told me the story a couple evenings ago. He was aware; however, that that afternoon they officially became separated and the guy started dating some police woman in that town for about three months… At some point he and the wife started marriage counseling and gave it another go around that three month mark.

After that, the few times Jason saw that woman, she shuffled her feet and refused to acknowledge or look at Jason. He wasn’t sure if she hated him or was just embarrassed by her previous behaviour.

Honey, you best have been embarrassed….



Long Awaited Update

Ok, so perhaps you all haven’t been long awaiting an update from me… But I have been waiting awhile to give you all a status update. No real reason for waiting except that I have been unmotivated for writing much lately. Every now and again I get a pang of wanting to sit down and write, but if I can’t do so immediately, the urge quickly fades. I want the motivation to come back in force – I have ideas to write out both here and on my fiction site… and especially my Zarah manuscript…

I unfortunately did not get as much written during my two week hiatus as I had hoped. I did at least get a fair bit of other stuff done around the house – a lot of productivity there – as well as focused a lot more on my relationship with the hubs and the kids… so the hiatus from blogging was not in vain. It really did free up more time than I realised I was spending on creating (hopefully interesting) posts for you guys!

Now I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging, so bear with me please if it seems I am not on here as often for a little while. I need to strike a new balance with my time and work it back into my routine. Who knew two or three weeks would change my routine so much??

On that note, I might as well mention I had to delete the WordPress app from my phone. It had increased to taking up nearly 2.5 GB of my phone storage!! It ever increases as more posts and pictures are added to my site. It literally saves all the data to my freaking phone! No other app even reaches a total of 1 GB by itself! Double-U Tee Eff, WordPress?? My phone reached critical storage limits and could not take photos anymore or update. It was still in the red after clearing out photos, videos, and even deleting some other apps like WhatsApp…. So WordPress had to go unfortunately. The reason I’m telling you all this is that this now means I will have to try to remember to check WordPress notifications periodically on my laptop instead of them coming to my phone… so it may take me longer than usual to respond. But rest assured I will continue to respond 🙂

Ok, I feel like there was something else I was going to update you all on… but I can’t remember what it might have been now. Hmmm….

In other news, I of course told you about my new tattoo I got yesterday… It is still sore, especially when I move my arm around on that side… it’s difficult to reach myself for washing and applying the salve – so lucky hubs is around to help! LOL

Also, when I woke up this AM there was proof that my tattoo artist is no liar haha… He told me that the colours would bleed for a few days and would leave perfect imprints on clothes… check it out:


My Jammies are badass!

Also, I wanted to say (but don’t think I did yesterday??) that though I had this tattoo booked for two months, it seemed fitting that this week would be the week I would get it (after the Stockholm attack) and that his eye would look somewhat sad… That’s how it struck me when I first saw it anyway. Don’t you agree?


I’ll need to get a better pic now that the stencil lines are gone. I’ll wait till it’s all the way healed though, I think 🙂

Reblogging Rae: The Blogosphere

Ok! This is the last one I am posting for this recycling of blog posts series! Hopefully this means that I have had plenty of time to focus on my manuscript! New content to come next 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane… There were so many others I could have chosen… But I veered towards the more upbeat ones in general. Feel free to go back through the archives sometime and read ALL the posts! (I need that Hyperbole and a Half meme to place here methinks… LOL) These will all show up in the Favorite Posts tab, but if you scroll back there are plenty more of what I consider my better work there as well. Anyway. This seemed fitting as a last one… So enjoy. This is from April 2015.

I scan through WordPress Reader and Freshly Pressed, looking at all sorts of blogs that have specific themes, real identities. I feel a slight guilt that I am not one of those mommy bloggers that write all about her children and her amazing views in the arena of child rearing. I really should be at that stage in my life, I ponder to myself. But I’m not. I have two beautiful kids and I love them very much… but I am not that awesome mum. All I can say is that I try and I love them… But I also want to keep my own identity, take it back and be more than just “mum.”

That’s why I wrote my memoir in the first place. Yes, it was for my kids to eventually read, but also for them to eventually realize I am “more than just mum.”

I scan through blogs and find some unequivocally humorous sites, some insightful intelligent sites – I wonder how anyone can write so much on one academic area such as Medieval  Literature and still find a way to make it interesting? There are blogs on so many topics and they have so many followers and I am just over here… in my own little corner of the internet, wondering what I am doing. Wondering if I could ever consider competing with other obviously more popular blogs. It makes me feel almost the teenager again, trying to join the conversation only to be talked over so I stop and quietly walk away while nobody realizes.

Screw that. I’m not a teenager anymore. I will stay over here in my little corner, talking even though nobody may care to listen. I will stick around trying to carve out my own little niche and tell my own story, because …well… I’ll damn well do as I please.

Reblogging Rae: Word F**kery

Post #2 for my recycling of my content series. This one is from June 2015… It contains some additional content.

I don’t know if it’s the insomnia I’ve had over the past few days, or simply the fact that I’ve been looking at and listening to other languages a lot this weekend. I have been listening to my Swedish music and reading a book in Swedish… and I also decided to start learning Estonian, so I have started to do a bit with that. Listening to music, looking up language basics, etc. Maybe my issue is a mixture of both no sleep and the immersion back into more-than-usual foreign interaction… but I have been having the strangest sensation.

Yesterday, as I was sitting at my desk – more than once I heard people in the hall talking and I could swear they were speaking a foreign language. Foreign in the way that I couldn’t understand what they were saying, even though I knew they are Australian and obviously speaking English. Though I had no issue if someone actually walked into my office and spoke to me directly.

My brain is fucking with me.

I have had similar issues in the past where I will read English words, but sound them out as a Swede would and then get so confused because it obviously then doesn’t make sense. After a moment I realize I’m reading English it all makes sense again.

Luckily Svea agrees this type of stuff happens to her constantly. She is always forgetting what language she is speaking or what language her current book she is reading is in. Good to know I am not alone! I’m sure it is worse for her since she has need to flip back and forth more often.

I recall a time back in High School that Svea was chatting to me and suddenly said “Oh! Sorry! I was speaking Swedish!” I laughed and told her she had been doing it for the last 20 minutes… and if I hadn’t understood her I would have told her.

Maja likes to fuck with me sometimes by writing English words in Swedish phonetics – so that if you were to read it aloud it would be English, but with a very thick Swedish accent.

Honestly, it makes me laugh every time. But the very first time I read English in a Swedish accent, it was through an Elvis comic in the Stockholm Metro paper. I had no idea what I was reading and I was so confused. I thought I had better say it out loud because it must be slang spelling – as a lot of comics do – (usually they spell like “Mej” instead of “Mig” for example.) I then realized, not only was I speaking English – but I was speaking very rude English with a thick, thick Swedish accent. This made me laugh even more heartily than the actual joke.


(These images were missing from the original post… But I found the exact comics I am referring to! Woo! Translations at the bottom 😉 )

**“Vaj ju nävär ansär ven aj kall?” Maja writes to me. “Ju sac!” She adds. I comment on how it makes me giggle every time and she tells me “Aj lajk to spik inglish vit ju.”

It makes me giggle – but now I think perhaps Maja just might be responsible for the fuckery in my head.

Thanks for that, Maja. Thanks a lot.


Elvis translations – (in parentheses means it is actual Swedish) the Italics are the Swedish-accented English

Elvis comic #1: Panel 1: (But WTF) Do you suffer of a small manhood? Order our cockenlarger today! (Fucking junk mail!) Panel 2: No Thankyou, Motherfuckers – I don’t need it

Elvis comic #2: Panel #1: (Who are you writing to?)(Responding to junk mail. I’ve been invited to try Viagra and penis enlarging pump.) Panel #2: (and?) (What do you mean “and”? It’s offensive! I hope they think my reply is too) Why are you writing me? My cock is bigger than your whole family!

** “Why you never answer when I call?” …”You suck!” … “I like to speak English with you.”

Flashback Saturday? …No… That’s not right…

Good Morning, lovelies. I have been mulling over an issue this week regarding my blog. Earlier this week, a blog I follow – Suzie Speaks – wrote a post about recycling blog content. Talking about reblogging oneself or reediting old content into new posts as once a blog starts gaining many more followers than it had in it’s inception  – any old content would be new to newer readers anyway. This is a weird concept to ponder though – as for me it all feels like old news.

I know this is true for the majority of readers, but I also wonder how many of my readers are like me and when they find a blog they adore they go back and read every single fucking post from the beginning. I’ve spent hours doing shit like that, haha… Of course, I don’t do it with every blog I follow and I doubt the majority of my 620 (current at time of writing) followers have done such with mine.

I’ve linked old posts when they are relevant to a topic I’m writing about, yet people in general don’t seem interested to click those links. Perhaps it is because many of my followers have read it already and it’s not old enough, or they don’t have time to follow links when they only want to read one post real quick. I dunno…

But it also now seems to be a trend to do “Flashback Fridays” among at least a handful of other blogs I follow… On my end, it seems to be useful because these blogs are often many years old – so as a newer follower I can catch up with some of the better older posts without trudging through masses of archives.

Then I think: my blog is only two years old… is it even worth me doing such a thing?

OMG I just realised how much I am boring myself right now let alone all y’all… Apologies.

I’ll get straight to the point: I am going to schedule some old content (posts from 2015 only) for this upcoming couple of weeks, max. I don’t want to commit to a trending hashtag like #fbf, so I will make up my own name… errrm… “Reblogging Rae” …good enough. Boom. Sorted. ….and do two weeks or so of older content. I will likely do some editing/updating of some of them… and if I do I will note it has been updated at the beginning. I’m trying to decide if I should then go make the older ones private to keep the blog itself cleaned up? Hmmm… If anyone has thoughts on that lemme know…

To be honest, part of the reason I am doing this is not only to bring attention to some older posts that I like that didn’t get much attention in the first place, but also to give me more time to work on my Zarah manuscript without worrying too much if there will be time to update the blog 😛 I will still of course be keeping up with any comments, etc… I just need to focus my writing mind-space on this project for a little while. I’m sure y’all understand.

So I hope you all enjoy this next two weeks… if not… well… Eff you too, man… and… it’ll be over soon enough HAHA

The Versatile Blog Award

This morning I was honoured to receive a nomination for the Versatile Blog Award from Cynt. (Go check out her beautiful female-centric blog 🙂 )

This award didn’t come with many instructions except to write 7 things about myself, and then of course make nominations.

However, the first definition, according to, for Versatile is:

“capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.:

a versatile writer.”
So this is what I’ll be basing my nominations off of at least. Perhaps I’ll make a concerted effort to make my facts versatile as well 😉
That all being said, I am as ever honoured to be recognised by other bloggers – especially those outside of my main “circle” – even as my blog has steadily grown over the past two years, I still am amazed when new people deem my blog worthy of following or simply reading from time to time. Being considered versatile also is a huge compliment in my opinion… sooo Thanks again, Cynt!

So here are my 7 things about me… that maybe… hopefully… I haven’t shared before??? It’s hard when I literally lay my life out for you people on the daily… LOL

  1. Every time I fall out of my eating right/exercising habits it’s Dr Pepper’s fault… Occasionally Wild Cherry Pepsi… but mostly Dr Pepper. …Just one more and I’ll get back on track… Also, usually when I fall off the wagon it’s because of my cycle. Fair enough excuse I’d say. Dr Pepper literally makes me feel better when I’m crampy (AH! forgot the TMI alert! lol) …but hey, caffeine is a natural pain reliever, yo.
  2. I just finished watching/binging on The Almighty Johnsons last night and now my life has no meaning again… Suppose I could write or whatevs instead… siiiiggghhhh 😛
  3. Years ago I worked at Bath and Body Works and was the resident “expert” on the aromatherapy line… in that capacity I once made an over $700 sale on aromatherapy items. Because I’m awesome like that.
  4. On that note, I was one of the few at BBW that would have customers that would only shop when I was there – because they trusted me. I would literally tell them to go elsewhere if I knew what they were looking for wouldn’t be satisfied by our products – especially if I knew what and where to suggest. This caused bigger sales for me down the road because when I did suggest our certain products, they knew I truly believed they would be happy with them. If I wasn’t there, they’d ask my manager when I was next scheduled and come back.
  5. Ok one more BBW anecdote: I also once had a customer leave a card with $100 with my manager for me when I was off shift – because I found her diamond ring, remembered which customer was wearing it and what she had bought – causing me to be able to look up her transaction and get her phone number to contact her. My boss was impressed with not only my dutifulness/attention to detail, but also my honesty… and obviously the customer was very impressed.
  6. My first job was as a Visa Clerk for the American Embassy in Stockholm. Sure beats fast food like many of my friends had as first jobs.
  7. The nickname my parents gave me as a kid was “Rachel Bagel,” yes I’ve always enjoyed a good bagel… but it was more of a couldn’t find anything good to rhyme with Rachel situation. Never really appreciated the half-assed effort lol. If it’s not gonna really rhyme, then think of something else more clever and completely non-rhyming. JEEZ come ON mom and dad!! LOL

Now here are my nominations for this award.  I read these blogs regularly and find them versatile, as stated 🙂  If you have a chance, check them out.

Fuck it, I’m going to put Paul Bailey – my fave blogger here because he does write fiction, real life, zombies to romance, top fives… all sorts and in my opinion it is all to a high standard. I do understand; however, that he is a bit behind with blog awards – so no worries if you don’t want to bother with this one, Paul… Just throwing it out there 😉

Next is Simon Farnell – pretty sure he was one that is blog free? I can’t remember for sure… so again, I don’t expect a followup post from him – but putting it out there because he writes science, engineering, and fiction… while his blog has a primary focus on scientific things, he still rounds it out well by writing other things as well. Check him out.

Kirascribbled writes pretty much entirely creative writing (fiction and poetry) but again – she can range from mythical, supernatural, horror… many, many genres at a highly imaginative standard. Love it.

Another I would like to nominate, that I don’t think I’ve ever nominated before is Strong Language. Probably pretty versatile because there are more than one contributors – not sure if that’s kosher for such an award haha – but still. I find the posts interesting and informative, while of course using plenty of strong language. (The posts are generally history and origins of common offensive words or phrases.)

Another I don’t believe I’ve nominated before is The Gay Stepdad – I am relatively new to following him, but he seems to have quite a bit of personality and hey, he blogs regularly about Eurovision so that gives him huge points with me Haha

Ok ok That’s enough for now. Hope you enjoyed learning just that little bit more about me… and please check out all linked blogs if you haven’t already 🙂

Show some WordPress Love ;)

I’ve spoken about him before – countless times at this point… Well, maybe not countless – To be honest I’m just too lazy to go back and count at the moment.

However; I want to plead my followers to go check out Paul.E.Bailey’s blog . He is an amazingly talented fiction writer and just an all around nice person. Currently he is working on a side-by-side Zombie Apocalypse story with the also amazingly talented Kira (check her out too!   (here is the start of her Zombie series) and I also very much enjoyed his Dead End series (check out part 1 of 5 here).

Check him out and help him reach his Follower goal! It’ll be well worth your time, I promise! 🙂