Let go and let God. God works in mysterious ways. Jesus died for you. Talk to Him, He loves you. God is always with you. He is the great healer/comforter. Satan lies... I'll pray for you. What if I don't want you to pray for me? What if you knew that you come off as… Continue reading Platitudes

Best Friends, Dane

In case of need

I had made a conscious choice not to wear a particular chain around my neck since I declared my agnosticism for once and for all. It's a chain that holds a clutter of amulets... a small colorful cross I've had since I was a young teen, a guardian angel, my class ring, a Mother Mary… Continue reading In case of need

Best Friends, Dane

I promise…

I got to speak to Dane for an hour and a half a couple of mornings ago. It was really good... I could tell him about what happened the other night. He didn't really have much he could say, but he could listen and sympathize. That's what BFFs are for anyway. I also finally garnered… Continue reading I promise…

Best Friends, Dane, depression, Leroy

Writing fiction, bionic hands, and disppointing my best friend :/

Leroy had his surgery on Wednesday to get metal plates put into his hand. Spent some time visiting him afterwards, and then got to actually meet his girlfriend. She seems nice and I can see why he likes her... I just hope he/they can work through their issues from now on and not let it… Continue reading Writing fiction, bionic hands, and disppointing my best friend :/