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Ashamed I Did Not Have the Words at the Ready

"I hate them because they are black," she said. My mouth dropped open, I was so shocked at the sheer boldness of her statement. I don't think I had ever heard someone be so clear cut in expressing their racism. I sputtered, trying to put my thoughts together so that I could form the sounds… Continue reading Ashamed I Did Not Have the Words at the Ready

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A Shred of Support

I'm getting to the point in this blog that I'm not so sure what I have or have not talked about here anymore. I was talking to my sister late a few nights ago and said "Clearly this will be my next blog topic," but when I started to think about it I realized that...… Continue reading A Shred of Support

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Far Away From My Corporeal Body

I had another dream about David on Christmas Eve. Unexpected, it's been several months if not longer since I've had one of those. I'm not sure if something actually triggered it, or if it was just my brain saying "hey,  guess what we haven't dreamt about in awhile?" Whenever I have these dreams, they always… Continue reading Far Away From My Corporeal Body

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Russian Tea

A friend of mine gave me a jar of Russian Tea mix along with a jar of hot cocoa and a bag of homemade marshmallows for Christmas. I made myself a cup of the Russian Tea today and it occurred to me that the last time I had any was when I was 16 or… Continue reading Russian Tea

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Until then… Bye Dane.

I let a friendship go today. Not just any friendship, a best-friendship. Something I've been mulling over for a while now, and while I was sitting in church this morning; likely listening to a very similar sermon to what he'd be listening to, I knew I just needed to rip the bandage off and get… Continue reading Until then… Bye Dane.


Vila i Frid, Grandpa

My grandpa died this past week. Yup, that's what's up with me. He passed in the early hours on Tuesday, Oct 5th. I was notified the evening before that the hospice personnel was of the opinion that he was actively dying, so it wasn't a shock when my mum called me at 2 or so… Continue reading Vila i Frid, Grandpa

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That Got The Writer In Me Thinking

I'm supposed to be doing homework, and housework, and hey - writing! But instead I am sitting watching too many episodes of That 70s Show on Netflix. I've had this blog post open to edit for a couple of hours, but only just started... Geez I'm lazy today. I'll blame it on the heat, as… Continue reading That Got The Writer In Me Thinking



Let go and let God. God works in mysterious ways. Jesus died for you. Talk to Him, He loves you. God is always with you. He is the great healer/comforter. Satan lies... I'll pray for you. What if I don't want you to pray for me? What if you knew that you come off as… Continue reading Platitudes

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In case of need

I had made a conscious choice not to wear a particular chain around my neck since I declared my agnosticism for once and for all. It's a chain that holds a clutter of amulets... a small colorful cross I've had since I was a young teen, a guardian angel, my class ring, a Mother Mary… Continue reading In case of need

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I promise…

I got to speak to Dane for an hour and a half a couple of mornings ago. It was really good... I could tell him about what happened the other night. He didn't really have much he could say, but he could listen and sympathize. That's what BFFs are for anyway. I also finally garnered… Continue reading I promise…

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Writing fiction, bionic hands, and disppointing my best friend :/

Leroy had his surgery on Wednesday to get metal plates put into his hand. Spent some time visiting him afterwards, and then got to actually meet his girlfriend. She seems nice and I can see why he likes her... I just hope he/they can work through their issues from now on and not let it… Continue reading Writing fiction, bionic hands, and disppointing my best friend :/

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Glory be?

My father tried to save my soul again the other day. The thing is... I am a Christian already, apparently I'm just not the kind of Christian my dad is. He has become a lot more evangelical in the past few years. He wasn't like this for most of my childhood. We went through hills… Continue reading Glory be?