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To Save My Own Hide

"Okay, Mum, you can go now," I said flinging my hand out in the direction of my bedroom door. "I will," she said. "After I use the bathroom." She headed towards the bathroom situated in the far corner of my room. Shit. Federica and I had been tossing our cigarette butts in the toilet and… Continue reading To Save My Own Hide

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Hey Mum

I pulled into Zinger Coffee & Tea's drive through just as Bachelor Girl's song "Buses and Trains" started coming through my speakers. It had been a long time since I'd listened to that song. I liked it as a teen, but hadn't really thought much about the song as a whole. But as I grabbed… Continue reading Hey Mum

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There Are Worse Things I Could Do

In the car today, I introduced my children to some of my fave Broadway songs - which included a handful from both Grease and Grease 2. I told my 5 year old son that Grease Lightning is about a car, which peaked his interest naturally... and when they sang "The chicks'll cream for Grease Lightning,"… Continue reading There Are Worse Things I Could Do


I’m exhausted, frequently, with no regrets

Started writing this a couple months ago; a description of myself to be honest. A true account of a Friday afternoon at which time I thought "Huh, maybe I could write about this" haha  - about time I finished and posted it for y'all 🙂 Enjoy. (featured image of the road discussed herein from AusEmade… Continue reading I’m exhausted, frequently, with no regrets

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Burn itself to Ash

The cigarette end illuminated orange as I flicked it one handed into the ashtray; small glowing embers scattered on top of old ash. I considered them for a moment before snuffing them all out with the cigarette stub. A satisfying crushing of something so beautiful and yet so bad for me. Like that boy so… Continue reading Burn itself to Ash

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There was something so satisfying about seeing the explosion of sparks in my rear view mirror as my cigarette hit the pavement. It took only a flick of my wrist to toss the stub of my fag out the window at 10 PM this evening. Nobody around; Ke$ha blaring on my radio as I took… Continue reading Sparks


Mad Men and shit

I have been ill the past few days. Really it's been on and off for a few weeks... but the past couple days I have called out for a day and a half so far and have just notified work that I won't be in tomorrow as well. So why haven't I written a blog… Continue reading Mad Men and shit

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  I started smoking when I was 15. I lived in Ethiopia, and one of my Italian friends was a pack a day smoker. I thought she was cool and chic, and thought "Why not?" when she offered me my first. It took a little while before I became a pack a day type smoker… Continue reading Vices