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Fly free, Ada.

"How many towels, d'you think we need?" I asked my partner. "I dunno... Six?" "Hmmmm," I said before reaching out and grabbing handfuls of towels, washclothes, and a hospital gown. "This should be plenty." We both sighed, and turned back out of the linen closet. As we got to her room, I turned again to… Continue reading Fly free, Ada.

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Oh Geez…

That's right, I'm a mid-westerner now - so now I say things like "Oh Geez" and "Dontcha Know." Actually, I caught myself exclaiming "Oh GEEZ!" the first time I watched Fargo whilst in Australia and "Dontcha Know" somehow crept into my lexicon many years ago.... Albeit not as regularly. I'll blame it on the lady… Continue reading Oh Geez…

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“What. The Hell. Do. You. Think. You. Are. Doing?!”

I hate to brag, but I am damn good at inserting urinary catheters. It's just something I did well when I worked at the hospital in Nashville. As such, we had at one point a woman that had attempted suicide which ended up not killing her, obviously, but left her permanently paraplegic. She required an… Continue reading “What. The Hell. Do. You. Think. You. Are. Doing?!”

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“I promise you, I will lose my job”

The RN came to stand in front of me - on the other side of the nurse's station where I was sitting. "Just spoke to switchboard - apparently room 9218* has been calling a particular family repeatedly in the middle of the night yelling at them when they tell her it's a wrong number. It's… Continue reading “I promise you, I will lose my job”

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“He Needs You”

"Get out!" He yelled at her as he stormed into the hospital room's bathroom. He was on our critical care unit due to a traumatic brain injury, and she was his wife. She burst into tears as I walked into the room. "I can't do this anymore," she said, her voice cracking as she started… Continue reading “He Needs You”

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Vollie News: Excerpt #1 “I Made a Joke”

  9N was hard work, but that is not why I transferred from the unit. I had started school by this time, and they would not work with me with my schedule. I knew there were several other units that would work with students, so after nine months I started looking at internal listings. There… Continue reading Vollie News: Excerpt #1 “I Made a Joke”