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Touché, Bitch

Maja called me the devil the other day. I wasn't even being particularly naughty this time... Okay, well... Maybe I was... to a degree. I was telling her about a guy that has quickly become my new crush. She stated that she used to believe that she was the one in our group that was… Continue reading Touché, Bitch

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Dear Mr Harris

Earlier this week I wrote about a trigger I had when I came across someone that mentioned Joshua Harris' 1997 book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye." Today I got a comment from Kristen over at The Ungodly Woman who let me know that Mr Harris has started apologizing to people for the negative effects of his… Continue reading Dear Mr Harris

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Fuck it, I dated

Who remembers that book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" by Josh Harris? Ah, that's right... now I can tell which of you grew up in the evangelical youth culture. I just read a blog that mentioned that book, and man it took me back... It took me back to the evangelical days of my youth in which… Continue reading Fuck it, I dated

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First Kisses, what am I missing?

I feel like I'm missing out on something. I'm missing out on an important piece of nostalgia... I've tried to remember a few times, but it doesn't come to anything. A few days ago as I was driving my car, I had one of my youth girls in the passenger seat and she put in… Continue reading First Kisses, what am I missing?

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F*ck me, I’d be lying

The day was chilly, but hardly cold. At least not in the sense that we had to wear actual jackets - but it's all relative, I guess. Swedish autumn warranted our turtle neck sweaters; mine being the rusty orange one I had bought in Copenhagen, and Maja's was striped with blues and browns. As always,… Continue reading F*ck me, I’d be lying

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Taylor Swift Gets Me : Reprise

While we’re on the topic of Taylor Swift, I went back and perused my posts from February 2015 – when I started this blog – and came across one of the first posts I had written that was also a I-have-a-girl-crush-on-Taylor kind of post. What I had done is compiled and mashed up several of… Continue reading Taylor Swift Gets Me : Reprise

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Becoming Stronger

Wow, you guise. I've been receiving some awesome feedback about the guest post I did ( "One Day" ) for Carla Louise's blog - both there, on my reblog, and in my private messages. It's an amazing feeling to have others connect with your writing; and from what one blogger commented today - to receive some credit for… Continue reading Becoming Stronger

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Rory and Jess / Emma and Dan

So there I was, re-watching Gilmore Girls for the umpteenth time. I’ve slowly made my way up through Season 3 over the past few weeks and last night culminated in Rory Graduating from Chilton. Rory Gilmore graduated in 2003 – the year after I graduated Gymnasium. So essentially, Rory would be close to my age.… Continue reading Rory and Jess / Emma and Dan

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Poetry escapes me

Late night thoughts. Enjoy ~   I am no poet; words of love have no place in my vocabulary and yet... Daily his name creeps across my thoughts Simple. His name. Followed imminently by the words "I love him." Without fail; as if the words are etched in my brain. I've become accustomed to this… Continue reading Poetry escapes me

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Damn, Son…

Jimmy posted a picture of himself and his daughter on FB - they were dressed up for some formal occasion and my first thought was "Well, Jimmy cleans up nice..." I commented that he had a gorgeous date, because he did. And I wondered to myself if I missed out on something not acting on… Continue reading Damn, Son…


That Rugged Irishman

**Note this has been edited - for some reason I remembered this man as being Welsh and originally wrote it as such. I have since been corrected by no less than three people. Seems their memories out number mine - so here you go with the update 😉  So I was thinking about the whole possibility… Continue reading That Rugged Irishman

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Dan – The Starting Point

Wow, so I got some really good feedback about “In the Courtyard,” and got a request to write more about Dan. So, I think I will – I find that writing about him comes along easily and it ends up being some of my best work, in my opinion. Maybe I should thank him for… Continue reading Dan – The Starting Point

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In the Courtyard

I walked out into the courtyard; it was a perfectly sunny Swedish springtime day. I took a glance around, conscious of the fact that I was in Gymnasium – conscious that we were all teenagers and therefore I needed to exude cool. Especially if he happened to be outside. My glance around was an effort… Continue reading In the Courtyard

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Jimmy (part 3)

I woke up at 3:30 AM this morning. That's when the previous conversation with Justin happened. When I still couldn't sleep, I wrote the post about it. Then, a little bit before 7 AM, I sent the links to Jimmy so he could read them... and read them he did. Silly me, I had mostly… Continue reading Jimmy (part 3)

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Jimmy (part 2)

"I found it interesting that he actively didn't like me." Justin's words appeared on my phone. "I had a reason to dislike him, but as far as I know, I never really had any chance to give him a reason to hate me because I never really interacted with him." "I don't remember what it… Continue reading Jimmy (part 2)