Vi måste Dansa, DANSA!

The unfortunate fact is that I am a married mum of two young kids and that severely restricts what I can and can't do for New Years Eve festivities. Partially for decorum's sake, partially also I don't have the fluid cash flow to take me to Stockholm and go out dancing with Maja as I… Continue reading Vi måste Dansa, DANSA!

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  I started smoking when I was 15. I lived in Ethiopia, and one of my Italian friends was a pack a day smoker. I thought she was cool and chic, and thought "Why not?" when she offered me my first. It took a little while before I became a pack a day type smoker… Continue reading Vices

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Happy Memory #5 – Dancing in the Rain

  His name was Andre and we were 19. I'd known him for awhile, we dated for three or four weeks when we were 16. After I moved away, we lost contact... only getting back in touch shortly before I moved back stateside after graduation. We decided to give it another go. Andre was, for… Continue reading Happy Memory #5 – Dancing in the Rain