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Wow, y’all

Wow, y'all. Yesterday had my highest views to date (after writing "Please... Don't [Commit Suicide]"). I guess that topic really hits a cord with people. Glad to know it was appreciated too - given comments and messages here and on FB.I will write a longer post here in a little while, but for now - the… Continue reading Wow, y’all

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Please… Don’t [Commit Suicide]

I got an email today from a lady that requested that I share a video of her daughter on my blog. At first I wasn’t sure if it could possibly be spam, maybe it is, but I decided that it was a heartfelt written email. Noting the content it seemed appropriate that she had chosen… Continue reading Please… Don’t [Commit Suicide]

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Those Youth…

Okay, okay… I’ve been posting a lot of videos the past few days. I’ve gotten it out of my system… for now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming :)A while back I mentioned that my friend, Gino, wanted to record a song with me. It’s been taking so long to get around to it mostly… Continue reading Those Youth…

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Here we go again…

Here we go again. Another youth, another set of suicidal thoughts. This one reached out to a friend last night who in turn took her by the hand to speak to one of my Divisional Officers. This officer then escalated it to me.Unfortunately - or Fortunately depending on the way you look at it -… Continue reading Here we go again…

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Memory Notification

Facebook memory notifications can be a wonderful thing. Bringing back to your attention the fun and silly posts and conversations had in years past can make you smile. But then, sometimes, something not so happy is brought to your attention. Sometimes it’s not even the post itself, but an additional memory brought to the forefront… Continue reading Memory Notification

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“Why I Volunteer.”

Today I was in a training session all day for work. At the end of the day, the facilitator asked us to gather around where he had four pieces of paper on the floor. One said "Professional Development," another said "Make a Contribution," yet another said "Personal Growth." The last one I don't remember exactly… Continue reading “Why I Volunteer.”

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“Erin Go Bragh” Part 2

  St Patrick's Day 2015 and I've made it so far. I've made it so far without falling into the annual chasm of depression. I have had some low days, but not nearly as bad as years past. Perhaps the fact that I am in Australia and the St Patrick's day shenanigans are more muted… Continue reading “Erin Go Bragh” Part 2

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Dear Cadets

**As those of you that have read my book at all would know: I am the Superintendent of Cadets for the local St John Ambulance Centre. My senior cadets range in age from 11-18, and this is a post geared toward them and any other youth that may read this blog.**   Dear Cadets, I… Continue reading Dear Cadets

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A friend of mine commented to me personally that my previous post sounded like I was describing depression, and she suggested that I write a post specifically on the topic... First of all, I want to say I do not consider myself depressed at the moment. I do not consider myself as depressed most of… Continue reading Depression

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“Erin Go Bragh”

St Patrick’s day spells regret. Each year the ridiculous glitter green accessories seem to fill the store shelves a little earlier than the year before. I know realistically that is not true, but every year it takes me off guard and I feel a pang in my chest, a weakness in my soul as I… Continue reading “Erin Go Bragh”