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Reblogging Emma: Being Desdemona

Last time I reblogged myself was 2017, so I think it's not too soon to redo a reblogging series again now... While I am working on some new content, please enjoy some of my older content over the next several days that I have not reblogged before 😉 (Aug 13, 2016) Today I was out… Continue reading Reblogging Emma: Being Desdemona

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Overdramatic, Foundationless Accusations

You have no fucking clue right now. Well, if you have a mother like mine perhaps you do. I have reached the last straw with this woman. I dunno if I have the energy, honestly, to explain the whole thing right now. Suffice it to say my mum is a crazy narcissistic bitch who is… Continue reading Overdramatic, Foundationless Accusations

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Calling on Vlad

I knocked on the door, a little apprehensive as I had never been to Vladimir's house. I was apprehensive mostly because I had a bit of a crush on him and we had never really worked closely for school projects before. He, along with most of the 5 other dudes in our class, tended to… Continue reading Calling on Vlad

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I know I can make it through

Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through - I'd wager at least anyone much older than me probably won't get that reference. Hell half of you my age will likely not know it, unless you have teenage kids. Perhaps you'd recall the old school version: There's a way, if I look then… Continue reading I know I can make it through

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My Dream Part

I realized recently that for those of you that haven't read my books - especially the first one - don't yet know about my love affair with the Theatre. Not much about it anyway. While the Theatre is usually referred to in the feminine sense, I think it's safe to say the stage used to… Continue reading My Dream Part


Artistic tendencies

The other night my husband and I were talking. He said something about how he used to like to draw but he had fallen out of practice over the years. He said it's not like riding a bike... I don't know about all that... I told him if he wanted to get back into it… Continue reading Artistic tendencies


When I grow up

When I was a young girl and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up; I could rattle off my top three professions I wished to be - An Actress, a Chef... and something else I can no longer recall. Needless to say, none of those came true. As I… Continue reading When I grow up