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Voice as Sweet as Salt

A friend posted something on Facebook about a new NOFX album. Well, Fuck, if that didn’t take me back. Imagine, if you will, skinny-minnie Emma in her green corduroy skate pants, or perhaps some baggy jeans with ripped up seams where the bottoms had been walked on beneath the heels of her Airwalks or Vans… Continue reading Voice as Sweet as Salt


Ear Worm

Going through resumes today for a position I'm advertising... came across a copy of someone's driver's license that noted they were born in 1978. So what has been playing in my head ever since 10 AM this morning just moments from when I noted that DOB? (FYI it's after 3 PM now.) GOOD QUESTION. "I… Continue reading Ear Worm


Fangirl moment

Just a quick one for now.... I just had to tell y'all: OMG EVE 6 SAW YESTERDAY'S BLOG POST LINK ON MY AUTHOR'S FACEBOOK PAGE AND LIKED IT!! I am fully aware that I am an * ahem * grown, married woman... but ...but... Eve 6, y'all. EVE 6. Svea is taking the credit since… Continue reading Fangirl moment

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On The Roof Again

Sometimes I feel like annoying Svea... and this post may be slightly designed for that purpose 😉 Mostly because my current re-obsession is Eve 6 and she disagrees with my taste in this particular area. (Max Collins... Mmmmm...) Anyway, I recently ordered the newest Eve 6 album (Speak in Code, 2012) so I went back… Continue reading On The Roof Again