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Glad You Didn’t Die, I Guess

**Fair warning, it's a swearing kinda day** 51 weeks ago, exactly, I wrote about Valentines Day Vs St Patrick's day as a half assed effort to refocus myself from the Lenten/St Patrick's season that I usually become depressed in. This year, however, Valentines day legit starts the actual season of Lent. Ash Wednesday and St… Continue reading Glad You Didn’t Die, I Guess

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The Story of: A Full Force Whirlwind of Terrifying ClusterF**K

I summarized my dealings with David in one main sentence "A Full force whirlwind of terrifying clusterfuck," in my last post. Though I've written parts of the story here and there on the blog and my older readers pretty much know the details, I figured I would rehash the story a little in these last… Continue reading The Story of: A Full Force Whirlwind of Terrifying ClusterF**K

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The feels… They hurt: Stockholm

I have a note to myself that indicates I should remember that I wanted to write about that time a car came through a window of an establishment, narrowly missing me - as my next blog post returning from Reblogging Rae for the past two weeks. Instead, it seems crass at the moment to write… Continue reading The feels… They hurt: Stockholm

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My complex about the man…

I have been largely absent the last few days here on WordPress... not even my usual stalking of the reader pane that occurs most every day... one or two posts read only and certainly no writing to be had. I've wanted to desperately, but at the same time did not have the mental capacity nor… Continue reading My complex about the man…

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Bring on the Tacky Shit

"I dream he has his hand around my neck, his face close to mine with that determined gaze of his. I know he doesn’t ever think about me anymore. I know that these dreams are irrational, especially now that the likelihood of us ever being in the same city again is slim – that’s what… Continue reading Bring on the Tacky Shit

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What in the Actual F*ck?

I knew there was something I forgot to write about. It crossed my mind a couple nights ago, and as I got up to get my computer I lost the thought again. The only thing I could remember is that it related to an old post. Well, my friends, I've found it... and I'm writing… Continue reading What in the Actual F*ck?

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Fettisdag, Mardi Gras…

Well, Fuck. I felt a brooding emotion start simmering over the past few days and I couldn't put my finger on why. Maybe it's just PMS... But no. Quick check your calendars: Fat Tuesday is set for just a couple of days after my birthday this year. Thus comes Lent, which will take us through… Continue reading Fettisdag, Mardi Gras…

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Double standards and the world we live in

Awhile back I had a cadet tell me that his mum doesn't care what he does or where he goes. Not that she doesn't care about him in general, but that he can go off without telling her where he's going and when he gets back he won't be questioned. Luckily, he's a good kid… Continue reading Double standards and the world we live in



He had a hold of her wrists as he screamed in her face, his features twisted in rage. His brother ran down the stairs, skipping steps by the inconsistent sound of the pounding of his footsteps. Without a word he ran into the room, scooped up the crying toddler that was standing in the middle… Continue reading Flashback