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That boy in 7th grade

I was thinking about further events to write about as I mentioned in the post I wrote for Carla Louise - this post is about some events in 6th/7th grade when I lived in Alice Springs, Australia. It has some relation to Carla's series on rape culture, yet is also a little more thematically different so I… Continue reading That boy in 7th grade



He had a hold of her wrists as he screamed in her face, his features twisted in rage. His brother ran down the stairs, skipping steps by the inconsistent sound of the pounding of his footsteps. Without a word he ran into the room, scooped up the crying toddler that was standing in the middle… Continue reading Flashback

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Goddammit, Leroy.

I don’t know what to do. Also, I need another fake name. I’ve talked about this kid a couple of times before, but never assigned him a name on here (I don’t think.) Ima call him “Leroy” for now – after Eve 6’s “On the Roof Again” song I wrote about recently 🙂 This kid,… Continue reading Goddammit, Leroy.

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“Bye, Dan.”

I hadn’t spoken to Dan in almost a year. Towards the end of his senior year, we had a huge fight. Huge for us anyway. Usually when we fought it would end in saying something snarky, mild anger might be involved – I might just look at him and walk away. Likely I’d be annoyed… Continue reading “Bye, Dan.”